Where can I buy this in singapore?


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I need a splitter or whatever (wi-fi?) that has a 1/8" sterro jack input,a nd splits into 2 1/4" mono jacks....im bascially trying to change the 1/8" jack into 2 1/4'' jacks...where can i but sucha s plitter in singapore? thanks..
I use a stereo to 2 mono 1/4" jacks and a convertor for the stereo plug. I've also got one that is dedicated for this which i think was bought at one of those electrical shops. Places like best and carrefour, or your neighbourhood audio shop. A bit of a rare item.

Just don't go to this shop at SLS, 2nd floor near the elevator at the back, to custom solder these on. The connectors he's got there are really too substandard.
I think I have a few spare Y cables lying ard... U just need to get a converter for it to be 1/4" to 1/8"... If u want I can sell them to u... Just PM me if u r interested.. Btw I got it custom made from Luthers....