What's your Signal Chain like?..


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Hi, I am sure this has been posted before.. n we can read alot of them in harmonycentral.com.. but i don't know much about local guys.. let's see what we have.. i'll start with mine..

Gibson SG/Cort Triggs 2 >> (1) 535Q - Whammy - ernie ball volume (out to seiko tuner) - rat2 - EH big muff - Visual Sound Jekyll n Hyde - VS H2O - Ibanez DE7 - Line 6 MM4 - (2) Ross distortion (from whammy dry out) - EH Clone Theory - Yamaha PS100 (to MM4) >> Laney VC30/Marshall 15 practice map..
Ross distortion, that is interesting

cheapo tele-->boss volume pedal-->line 6 fm4-->zvex fuzzfactory
-->sansamp gt-2-->fulldrive 2-->zvex sd2in1-->amp
Effect Send-->line 6 dl4-->infinitphase2-->EH electric mistress-->Tc electronic scf-->akai headrush-->effect return
wow.. infinitphase.. dat's interesting.. u got it from Fierce? or from aussieland?.. n TC SCF.. very cool..
yup, got the infinitphase from fierce. Its a very fun modulation pedal and its a knob tweaker dream pedal. Most of my stuff are used, local 2nd hand pedal market actually quite interesting, some really unexpected pedals from time to time
I wonder how long this thread will last! I mean, how many people have rigs as impressive as both of you?! gawdd... ross', VS', that's a good line up.

I'm thinking of selling a couple of these, but here's the current setup:

Epi LP Custom, Ibanez RG550

--> Dunlop Wah --> TU2 --> Keeley DS1 --> RAT2 --> Boss CE1 --> Boss TR2 --> Digidelay -->

Behringer GM110
Cool rig you guys have! :D

Sorry, off topic...but ashmorefan, how do you find the Behrigner GM110? Cos i'm really interested in ordering one too. How much and where did you get yours?

Thanks :wink:

P.S: Nice web-site dude! and nice track too.
Hey Dawn,

I kinda live in Australia at the moment, so yeh there's a dealer just down the road. Things here cost a lot of money tho... so I don't really wanna disclose the price I paid over a well-read forum :D

But hey, why are you looking at the GM110? And how much are you looking to spend? If you want, message me or something and I'll go through it's pro's and con's. I don't wanna fill this thread up with GM110 stuff.
Simple rigs are the best! imo. I mean, it's lighter, easier to carry around, less signal loss, and you're less likely to look like you're tap dancing on stage :D
i guess its also up the the type of music that define the rig. A "noise" pedal might be useless to most, but to some, it could be the holy grail of tone

Imho, signal loss can be minimise to a minimum with the usage of better grade patch cables, buffered bypass pedals with TB pedals in the rig or a boost pedal at the end of the chain etc.
damn.. PRS.. droooool..

yah that's very true.. the more there are the more likely to lose tone.. but damn it.. every pedal has got it's own characteristics.. there's no end to it all.. when you have caught GAS (gear aquisition syndrome).. that's it.. u'll never stop buying..
I'm cold turkey for G.A.S. My parents control me for buying more gear and my girlfriend is jealous over me spending thousands on a guitar than on her.
With a few items coming in August, the main rig will be:

Tom Anderson Classic / PRS McCarty - in standard tuning
Suhr Classic / Fender 52' Tele - dropped to Eb tuning (blues stuff)


Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah - Legendary Tones TMB - Tonebone HB - Boss DD3 (may include my Keeley Comp & Foxrox Captain Coconut sometimes).

Finally thru a ToneBone JX2 splitter and into:

- a Toneking Meteor 20 (set on clean).
- a THD Flexi 50 w/Tophat 2x12 cab (set on dirty).
my God.. u have the captain coconut?!?!.. CC2?.. damn i hope i'll have that someday.. droooool..

n how's the legendary tones TMB?..
Yup, its the CC2. I bought it about a year back from Analogman. I favourite effect of the 3 effects is the chorus.

The TMB is great though it needs to be match to the right amp to sound good.

I left it out of my setup until I received the THD Flexi 50.

Personally, I feel it works best pumped into an overdriven Marshall-style amp. I've tried the (66') treble booster mode and the (73') mid-hump mode and they both work nicely for different applications.

To summarise, the TMB sounds very natural (as if there wasn't an effect there).

My grips? ..... just that its a bit noisy when switched on.
yeh.. sometimes i find it frustrating that a good pedal works in certain setup and not another.. but that's the way it's made to be..

CC2 is great n so is foxrox.. would love to install the wah kit into my 535Q n check out the difference..
how does your Anderson Classic sound? I had the opportunity to try an Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic, it sounded superbly rich and warm! Very nice feel to the neck and the harmonics and sustain was great! How do Andersons compare to Suhr guitars? I think John Suhr's a good builder, but I haven't played any of his guitars. Do you mind to make a comparison between both?

btw, where do u get Anderson guitars from? I have a HUGE GAS on the Hollow Drop Top Classic in Tiger Eye finish!
Hi Repulse,

The Anderson Classic will come in with the Suhr Classic in August. Its a 2nd hand I bght from eBay and am holding it at IndoorStorm till John Suhr delivers them my Suhr Classic.

Both are in HSS pickup format, alder bodies and rosewood fretboards so I guess its gonna be an interesting comparison. I'll detail a review when they come in if you'd like.