What's my EQ?


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Equalizer, not Emotional Quotient, that is :lol:

I'm thinking of getting an EQ for my guitar rig to refine the sound, but I'd just like to know my options before I plonk down the blood+sweat $$. Other than the Boss and DOD EQ pedals, what other Eqs are there availble that I can take a look at? Anyone care to educate me? Much appreciated.
MXR 6 and 10 band EQs. The former I find inferior due to the lack of a level knob, but well, it does have its purposes.
swee lee have them. but like poo mentioned, the 6 do not have the level control. try the boss ge-7 too.
I leave my options open for now. I'll go check things out on Sat before I come to any conclusion. But off the top of my head, I guess a graphic EQ with a few freq bands would be pretty versatile in shaping my sound. I'd like to experiment with screwed up freq settings just to see what I can get. Just a very neutral piece of information: I dun play metal (not much anyway), more rock, pop and jazz (sounds big, but I'm not actually good with it), so I'd like to play ard with a variety of sounds. Of cos, the EQ is just a part of the whole, but I dun wanna digress from the topic.