WTS high quality USA amplifier: THD Bivalve head


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Hi all,

selling a near new THD Bivalve head. This is a USA-made boutique-level amp that comes with a THD hot plate built in.

The main unique feature of the Bivalve is that you

Some specs:
30 Watts all tube, currently equipped with dual Mesa Boogie 6L6 output power tubes.
3-band EQ: Trebles, Bass and "Attitude" which is a midrange boost.
2X 12AX7 pre-amp tubes.
Effects Loop for your time or modulation effects.
2X 8/16 ohm, along with 2X 2/4 ohm speaker outputs. Plenty of options to pair your cab with!

The THD Bivalve amp is designed to accept a plethora of preamp and power tubes without the hassle of biasing. With the current tube complement, the Bivalve produces a shimmery clean tone with the gain set low that is perfect for putting pedals in front of; the gain can be turned up to a Marshall Plexi-like roar with the hot plate engaged. What's great about this amp is that you also have a low input, and a pentode/triode switch so that you can have a variety of tones just from one single channel. Super versatile, and suitable for anything from jazz to rock.

Asking $700 FIRM. Selling to clear space as I have too many amps for my own good.

No lowballers, jokers or time-wasters. Serious musicians and tone lovers do contact me at 9 eight 5 six 0 four 1 three. We can arrange an audition of this great amp, where you can bring your guitar and explore its tonal capabilities.