what stuff to get in bangkok?


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hi ya, i might be going to bangkok to guitars there. yeah is guider there cheaper by alot? i do not need to worry about air tickets, my parents are gotta sponsor me. so im thinking to get a gutiar over there or custom one for myself. i heard there is one guitar shop over world trade center, anyway to call them or something? will like to know wat guitar they have. if i customize over there, how long do i need to stay over there?
I've just returned from a trip to Bangkok couple of months back. Check out the row of guitar shops along Klong Log Canal...approx about 10-12 shops in a row. If you're there, do have a look at their custom made pedals.

I bought a Made-in-Bangkok Custom Metal Dist Pedal which I suspect is a modded MT-2. Very nice indeed and it costs only $30 brand new.
hi there,

i am also going to!! anyone out there can recommend...
i don know if it's cheap to get a WH-4 digitech whammy there.

intend to get one ut , fk the local shop.. they are selling so expensive.

a US conversion is only $350....

ok toking abt the canal.. where is it near to near to BKK?? or Pratunam market ???

pse further advise...

can anyone advise on the guitar scene there??
and also anyone got prasit addresss??
One tip: Don't purchase any guitar items from guitar shops in the city centre (ie. Siam Center) etc. Its more expensive than what you can get in Singapore. Go for custom guitars/pedals. For products manufactured there, its a real bargain.

The row of shops along Klong Lod River is best accessed by a taxi. Just tell him Klong Lod Canal and/or "guitar" (try both, one might do the trick) and he'll know.
hey thanks....!!!

you know what ? i am saving all your quote word so that it will served me best when i am in the land of thousand smiles


anyone got tips????????
Hope you enjoy your trip there man.

Anyway, if by any chance you're looking or going to buy a map. Go get the "Nancy Chandlers" Map of Bangkok. Superb! All the lil secret places that Bangkok has that other maps don't show (and I don't mean anything dirty..)

The Klong Lod row of guitar shops are mentioned there..as well as other stuff.
bro, custom made? check this place out:


its in bangkok and the guitar looks good! i think guitar 77 has one piece. may be you can try it out.
Thanks for sharing the link. It does look very nice!

Its a pity you posted this AFTER I came back from Bangkok.. and to think I actually went to Sukhumvit Road where the shop was located.