What pick up go best with swamp ash strat body


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Hi there,

Making a strat now, body is swamp ash and all maple neck, any suggestion for pick up that goes well with swamp ash body for rock and blues .

I have a tele (swamp ash body and maple neck) with Kinman Strat pickups on it.

I would think the Kinman Avn Blues set would sound great on it. You get a nice mix of high-end brilliance with sufficient grit to make it sound ballsy when needed. One of my favourite guitars. At least to my ears. :D
Thank you for your suggestions, JMguitars, may I know , which dealers have kinmans pick up here in singapore , thank you

my 50th Anniversary strat (ash body) has a Fender 57/ 62 pickup in the minddle position, a very sweet pickup clean & driven.

Van Zandt pickup!
VZ Rock on bridge, VZ Vintage+ on mid and VZ Blues on neck.

Pricey though, USD200 for this custom set (including shipping cost to singapore).
I have a few guitars with the Bill Lawrence pickups and have installed quite a bit of them on other guitars.

L280, L290, L450, L490, L495, L500.

The signature sound of a Bill Lawrence pickup is its clarity and transparency <insert all nice adjectives to say that it rocked>. Yeah I know I'm bad in describing sounds so I won't continue from here.

I've always been impressed with them lah. But whether or not it may suit the sounds you're after is another problem.

You can try asking at the Bill Lawrence forum or send an email to Becky Lawrence. Be patient cos sometimes it takes more than 2 weeks for a reply.
purplehaze3691 said:
JMguitars, may I know , which dealers have kinmans pick up here in singapore , thank you

We used to .... nice pickups, just not enough demand.

But there are a lot of online stores selling them outside Spore.
serialninja said:
how about P90s? :D

P90s are nice too and a suitable PU for that wood combo as well.

Other than some stock P90s I've played, I haven't had the chance to try after-market sets.

Anyone has? ... post ur comments pls