What is ur FAV snare and why...


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hi all, i juz wanna knoe generally what our local drummers most preferred snares..

btw what do u guys think of pearl piccolo snare...
hi Hisham aloy here... haha..

I would like to get a piccolo snare.. influenced by a jap drummer who uses it. He uses his siganture piccolo snare.. I think piccolo snares are good.. the sound they make are very sharp and define.. packs a beat.. u intending to get one? get those brass shell ones.. they are nice..
i love the sound of the piccolo.its reali sharp.Whenever u rim shot it,it produces a very strong sound.not those kinda deep dead sound but a very nice sharp alive sound.great for live shows.

but personally i'll go for chad smiths sig snare.WOAH.its affordable and it'll blow u away.gosh.the nicest sound a snare can ever produce.arghhh.too bad theres none left in sg.
legin said:
but personally i'll go for chad smiths sig snare.WOAH.its affordable and it'll blow u away.gosh.the nicest sound a snare can ever produce.arghhh.too bad theres none left in sg.

oh thn where did u get it?overseas?
nah i haven gotten it.ordering it from swee lee.thats why i went argh.ahahah.yea.But its reali good.tryed it loadsa times.just go listen to any red hot chili peppers song and u'll know wat i mean. :p :p
hey, I like picollo snares as well. That sharp sound is nice and it's quite portable. Deeper snares are good as well though. I like the travis barker snare...the one with the pics of his wife on it. :roll:
piccolo snares are really nice, considering the bounce that they offfer and of course the sharper sound with almost an equally round tone. i personally use a mikeportnoy signature from sweelee and i think its good enough, thinking of getting a piccolo though as my secondary snare.

btw, addressing legin's statement, the miking system and changing the tone of the snare is possible in rhcp's recordings, but nevertheless i have to agree that snare is definitely not bad.

i prefer a deeper snare haha. it seems everyone uses piccolos nowadays.

i just like the depth a deeper snare gives. but then again, i haven't been around many snares haha.
piccolos are real nice, maybe u guys can check out the different types of snares, eg solid shell, stave shell snares. diff sound and they might be alittle more expensive than ur standard ones
Hi all, lemme get these piccolo term straight :D :lol:

For snare, a piccolo is higher pitch, basically 12" & 13" snaredrums are called piccolo(10" snaredrums are term soprano). Years back, drum companies mainly produced 14" snaredrums and called the 14"x4" snare drums piccolo cos of the short sustain and resonant.

Ok back to the topic, for my main snare, gigs and recording, i always uses metal snaredrums, depending on places, i'll switch using my aluminium snare, nickel-plated alloy snare, brass snare or bronze snare. i only uses wood snaredrums as a secondary drum. Thru my experience, i get alot out of metal snaredrums(not the cheap thin-shell ones), very good sensitivity and produce prominent ghost notes and the most important thing is the tone, wider range of tone from high to low and it cut thru all the amplified sound on stage. Go n check out the pros, 90% uses metal snaredrums as their main snare :D
oh.. no wonder my snare is called a power piccolo.. :p thanks ah pek! that's some stuffs i didn't know!
drummar-buah said:
wah 90%. so confident arr?? haha

Yep, i'm very confident :lol: :lol:

Carter Beauford, Phill Rudd, Tico Torres, Ian Paice, Chad Smith, Joey Jordison, Steve Ferrone, Marvyn Smith, Kenny Aronoff, Stewart Copeland, Simon Phillip, David Garibaldi & Manu Katche(just to name a few) all uses metal snaredrums as their main snare :lol: :D

The hot favourite metal snare drums among drummers everywhere in the world is the Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic. Despite endorsing some major drum companies product, they still uses this snare drums for recordings and live gigs.

Chad smith snare is a picollo?

Anyways, I'd always thought that the snare must compliment with the kit and song you are playing. Yes picollos are loud and its this way not because you can be louder than anyone else in the band, I think. I seldom use a picollo. I prefer wood and steel.

Tuning is most important to me. And any snare can be my fav snare , just as long it doesnt warp.
well each player has it's own distinctive sound, the material they choose on snare also affected by their playing style. buying someone signature snare doesn't mean you will get someone sound..:)..
my favorite rite now is porkpie snare, dunnet, brady and DW. i got 4 porkpie snare coming soon...