what is the "phase" on my preamp for?


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hey guys... got something to ask..
recently got myself a Ibanez semi-acoustic.. dun have a amp so havent been able to really plug in...

but anyway... the preamp (AEQ SS) has controls for bass, middle,treble and , shape.. my question is.. how does changing the shape affect the sound? also, there is a "phase" button on the preamp... so.. how does this "phase" affect the sound also?

thanx a million! =)
Weird to see a phase on a guitar pre-amp.
In theory, phase is used only in live miking situations where 2 mics are facing each other directly. When that happends, the 3:1 distance ratio is used to avoid phase cancellation.
When phase cancellation occurs, certain frequncies cancel each other out.

Shape on the other hand is a semi-parametric EQ in some sense. It scoops or adds mids/other frequencies.

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