what is S.O.F.T.?

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i come to this website now and then, and for all the times i've spend here, i realise i dont even know what S.O.F.T. means. Is it just me? What does the S, O, F, T stands for? Anyone know? This is just something that has been bugging me whenever i visit the site.
hehe... i was thinking of something closer to R.A.F.E, but that's pretty offensive to post here. :lol:
so obviously friendly together?kk..it sounds weird....

*the* Song Of Friendly Temasekeans?(singaporeans)

now do i get extra credit?
Aiyo. Sound Of Friends Together sounds fine what. why you guys distort it? lol. it's quite funny actually, but there's nothing wrong with sound of friends together. take it as describing a jamming session with friends la!
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