What genere is this man???


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So my group guys comes up with a song called 'Lonely' and i think its ok.So i tell my friend "hey wanna check this out?".
Being picky he asks "What kinda of music do you do?"
Then i'm stumped

so could anyone help me out with this?

also if you got any like comments you could tell me.

Listen to it here..


Not bad it's quite good, songwise. I like the double tracked guitars. Maybe should not have had the drums do so many crashes esp. when it's samples, and trim it down a few seconds. The drums are also a bit too much in the back with the vox too in the foreground.

I'd classify this as rock.
..hmm..that means i need to learn sound engineering, get some more money and find a real drummer? any takers? and i'd need a real bassist too since my bass playing is bad.

But honestly how do you program the drums such that it isn't in the background and what needs to be done abt the vocals?

So sofyan are we really jazz/rock? i just anyhow selected 'jazz/rock' when applying for the pure volume thing.