what do you guys think of vigier guitars?

carmel media has dealership if i'm not wrong... if you got the dough :D

Tel: 67760322


i love shawn lane's signature excalibur 8)
was actually gonna wait for one.. but carmel media didnt get back to me..

i couldnt wait anylonger... so i put $$ down for my luke.
the vigier will have to wait a couple of years.

but from what i read and heard... these gutiars are awesome...
One of the best guitars in the world. They have Strats and Super-strats, their fretless guitars uses "Delta Metal", 2 of the greatest guitarists use them (Shawn Lane & Ron Thal). 10/90 necks utilise carbon fiber instead of the traditional steel truss rod, which means it won't suffer from neck warps and the tonal transfer is better! Also, the tremolos use ball-bearing pivots, which is really good. Most of the guitars use Dimarzios for pups...

Be prepared for the prices, costs a few thousands (I remember the owner told me $3.5k for one of the guitars). But it's better than getting a PRS. :wink:
i think shawn lane and standley jordan uses them? but i feel a little skeptical abt the no truss rod part
Yes, Stanley Jordan uses a Vigier as well. Carbon fiber is 3 times stronger than steel, if I am not wrong. It does a better job in keeping the neck straight than the steel truss rod.
yup. mr vigier brought a neck on stage and challenged any man to could break it.

the neck construction is 90% wood and 10% carbon fibre.
freaking amazing. and their trems utilize ball bearings instead of edges

--its alot of innovative tweaks to the super strat. which imo is worth its %3.5k price tag. $3.5k is for a standard excalibur btw. anything more... costs more.
Patrice Vigier is simply a great man! What an outrageous stunt! I bet Fender, PRS etc wouldn't do such a thing like that...

Our local Vigier dealer did an outrageous stunt before... It's not about the necks but rather the tone... Wanna hear more about the story?
Ah... Here's the story:

I visited Carmel Media during July/Aug... It was on a Saturday, I remember... I rushed from Sengkang to Clementi via buses and MRT. I reached the shop barely before closing time. The owner, Mr Chan Kum Soon, was a wonderful and friendly gentleman. I told him that I wanted to see the Vigiers only (I am a poor guy, lol). He showed me the Vigiers he had in his store, and I got to hold his personal Vigier Expert in my hands... It was very nice, had a flame maple neck but I can't recall what the fretboard was (I think it was flame maple as well)...

We started chatting almost everything related to guitars... From my interest in Vigiers (due to Ron Thal & Shawn Lane) to the guitar market, Ed Roman, etc... He discovered that I was a very theoretical guitar enthusiast, and he told me that not everything on the spec list defines the quality of the guitar. For example, a Fender Strat. Vigiers use a 2-piece alder which is centre-joined, whereas Fender uses anywhere between 3 to 7 pieces of alder...

Ok, let's go back to the story about the stunt. He told me that there was once a poly student who owned a Fender USA guitar, this guy went to Carmel Media and started dissing the Vigier guitars. Mr Chan issued a challenge to this insolent chap, a guitar-tone duel.

Mr Chan said "If your Fender is better than the Vigier, you can have the Vigier". The chap agreed to the challenge and returned to Carmel Media with his Fender USA Strat. Guess which guitar won? Vigier. It could produce everything the Fender could, and more! Mr Chan told me that the Vigier could achieve a brighter and more trebly sound than the Fender (Must have been the 10/90 neck)...

Mr Chan told the guy nicely that if he had stipulated what would happen should the Vigier win, the Fender would be his. The guy was humiliated and he returned home to lick his wounds...

Some time later, that same guy returned to buy a Vigier from Mr Chan. He apologised for his arrogance and is a good customer of Carmel Media (I can't remember if that guy bought more Vigiers).

What happened to the Fender USA Strat? The guy sold if off to buy the Vigier!

I was bowled over by Mr Chan's confidence in Vigiers... You won't see such confidence anywhere else. I apologised to him for taking so much of his time, and thanked him for the enlightening chat.
Hi guys, juz wanna intro myself. I'm one of mr.chan's student here to answer some questions.

"but i feel a little skeptical abt the no truss rod part"

Well like they said the Vigier neck is near indestructable. Haha and the best thing is that it won't warp (say goodbye to truss rod adjustment) and also drilling the hole though the neck for a truss rod greatly reduces sustain as compared the the Vigier 90/10 neck.

"$3.5k is for a standard excalibur btw. anything more... costs more."
Yup haha. A Excalibur custom with flamed maple top and flamed neck is 3.8k. Still much better than Fender. And if you compare u get the thick maple top compared to the Fender (You can actually see the body segregation where the maple meets the alder). Fender charges 5k alone for a flamed maple neck so I'd say 3k++ is well worth for the Vigier.

"But it's better than getting a PRS"
Yes definately. Once mr.chan compared a Vigier to a 10k+ PRS guitar. And amazingly the Vigier is able to get the PRS tone and MORE... Yes belive it.

"What happened to the Fender USA Strat? The guy sold if off to buy the Vigier!"
Yes you can trust mr.chan. He used to own like 5 Fender customs. Even special artist grade Fender for stars only. Not only that he has been to the Fender workshop and was the only person outside Japan to work on Fender customs.

Hope this long post answers some questions haha