what acoustic guitar should i get?


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i'm thinking of getting a new acoustic guitar for myself. i've had a tgm, a kapok, and one yamaha(spoil), so i want to invest on something that is much better. Can anyone suggest me a brand that i should look out for?
The new Fina small jumbo cutaway with B band A3.2 pickup system is an amazing deal for the $$$ at Davis. I highly recommend the cedar top model. I'm pretty tempted to get one for myself :)
The Maestro SD-1. Slighty above $200.

For a tone that decieves you into thinking you've bought a $2k guitar.
$200 is quite low. I haven't played many under $200 acoustics that I feel are even qualified as acceptable.

My experience with low end acoustics is very low. So I guess you'll have to take your advice from some of the other helpful posters here.

My 2 cents would be that Yamaha makes good value for money low end guitars. Generally they aren't that great, but at least they don't suck.

There are many very VERY bad sub $200 acoustics out there so please try to get an experienced player to go shopping with you if you are at all not confident.
wetsoil said:
hmm, my budget would be $200, no plug in, and yes i prefer cutaway acoustics.

hi there... if you could push that budget a lil more... maybe say to ard $250... you might wanna get the Fina FAW-3150... its definitely great for its asking price with a solid spruce top and has a very bright sounding tone... available at davis if i'm not wrong... I bought mine from them too, after seeing a very strong recommendation by the members of a particular forum... abt a yr back... never regretted it...

It kinda fits ur specs too... no plug in... and for the cutaway, i'm not sure.. gotta check with them... cos the one i bought was a cutaway, but after that i heard the subsequent ones they brought in were non-cutaway ones... tat i'm not sure... but so far, friends who played on it were impressed... so maybe u might wanna consider, or go down and try it out urself... 2cents worth...
geta fina at davis.. ard 80 bucks...
the sound damn shiok...
wood finish nice
tension wah very low...
gd buy!!!!
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just changing strings to a lighter gauge would get the tension low wat, but light gauge strings on acoustics sound horrible, personally i like 12s or 13s.

Try seagull guitars, decent guitars for the price. Save and get a nicer mid priced one think you will be happier in the long run.
any recommendation on nylon string guitar? preferably those can be plugged into amp directly? budget is around $1000