What should I do?


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I will receive around US$4000 next year.

Should I spend it on a more expensive guitar or on guitar courses?

Here is the course I am interested in, which teaches worship guitar. I can learn from BGR to SWD with my money. It is a group guitar course. But then, maybe justinguitar.com and online guitar course is enough for my need, and the money is better spent on geting a better guitar, one that has better sound.

I am torn. What do you recommend? A better guitar, and learning from online sites, or my current Yamaha FG830 and learning from believermusic? My current guitar is a TGM, bought second hand at SG$30.

The money I get next year can only be spent on guitar related stuffs, as specified by the one who gives it to me. I am learning guitar to learn worship songs.
What's your experience in playing the guitar? Total beginner? Do you play any other musical instrument?