watching this makes me think of what might have been...

Randy Rhoads, Cliff Burton, Jimi Hendrix, others.

What would music be like today if they were still around?

You notice that musical geniuses always seem to die relatively young, or shall we say, unnaturally.

To name a few others, Kurt Cobain, SRV and Shawn Lane.
if they live too long then they'll outshine all other musicians. then other musicians cannot make a living. then there'll be no other music in the world except for theirs!!!

ok juz a stupid n random idea.
I think for them... they have few mentalities of a normal being, or mentalities succumbed to their growing up in their society.

1. Die young and stay memorable (like some of the earlier peers)

2. The depression of fame

3. Some kinda pain, like drugging, etc that have caused them to juz get wasted completely...

I sorta believe they were thinking of point #1 complemented by the other points... People remember them more clearly cos they die while they were so young and at their highest point in career.

My 2 cents... 8)