washburn guitars?


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hi all...

i know there are ton's of threads on new guits n stuff... but i just wanna ask what u guys think of these guits. Being a noob, i can more or less only evaluate a guitar on its neck feel, body shape n weight n stuff, but regarding pickups n other things i wouldnt know if it was bad or what. I dont own a electric, but i intend to get 1 in dec...So after testing, i narrowed it down to these 3

schecter 006 deluxe -$550 at guit 77
ibanez sz320 ~$930 list sweelee
washburn x50 ~$780 list sl

never heard of washburn myself :) What do u all feel about the pickups n stuff? thx...
I've never tried any washburns before. But judging at your list, I'll Get the ibanez. Shecter is a good guitar too.
wa sia la.. the ibanez so ex?? hahahaa.. think it's better u get from luther classified sometime can get good deal.. tip* u can get a v good guit even for 200 bucks. haha.. of course u compromise on some stuff.. like finish.. bla..
trust me..sz320 is worth that kind of money...but still..u need to try all of it before doing any decision
Ya i have tried them all... prefer feel of sz320 over the washburn x50 (by a marginally though)... but the price is 8O

Anyone knows when the sale is? I hope it's not too late... I'll be away b4 christmas...
hmm ya.. haha.. if u hav the $$ den anything also ok loh.. hhaa.. consider the need for a good amp and also the effects u going to buy also loh. hahah.. juz a 2c worth of advice.. heehee..