Vote for me in the Be Like Taylor Swift Contest!


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Hello fellow softies! I've submitted my video to take part in the Be Like Taylor Swift contest and the top 20 videos will move on to the next round of competition. Instead of singing or choreographing a dance to her song (since I can't sing or dance), I've improvised over 'Love Story'. The prize of course is to meet Taylor Swift in person, and it's one of my dream to meet her live in person :) This is the first time I'm doing something like that and I've made the effort to dress like a country girl as well. (LOL)

I'll really really appreciate it if you could just click the link above to view my video, like it if you enjoyed it! Every vote matters. If I'm not wrong, I'm currently in 19th (out of 65). Hopefully I can garner more votes from here *crosses fingers*

Thanks everyone! :)
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current position: 24th out of 100. please take 2 mins off to watch my video and like it if you liked it! i really really appreciate it. 6 more days to go, i've done all i can to spread the word (through fb, twitter, stomp, soft), please help to keep my dream alive =)