Looking for Drummer for Pop/Pop Rock/Pop Punk Band


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Hello, I'm a 25YO female vocalist who's looking for people to casually jam with and/or write music with - open to meeting band mates who can play all instruments including drums! (Guitarist and keyboardist positions have been filled up). It'll be a bonus if you have an available home studio too! Looking for a drummer currently to complete our band.

I usually sing mainstream English songs in the pop, punk-pop, alternative rock genre, but am open to other genres as well eg. mandopop and kpop. Took singing lessons but no professional experience. Also, I used to be in choir in school and jam with friends for fun (school performances). Really just want to find like-minded people who enjoy playing music and possibly writing music together :) People in their 20s to early 30s preferred but not necessary. Music experience of all levels welcome.

I'm inspired by: Paramore, MCR, Mayday Parade, Against the Current, P!nk, Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Sara Bareilles, Taylor Swift, Adele, ABBA, Taeyeon/MAMAMOO/AKMU, Tanya Chua/Stefanie Sun/Zhang Bi Chen/JJ Lin. Varied I know, but I'm really quite open to various music genres and don't mind challenging myself to learn new songs too!

Message me on telegram @hey_jyjy if interested! :) Keen to hear from you.
Hi there!I'm a drummer here and my name is Chris.I'm quite interested in joining
your band as a drummer here.Please WhatsApp me at: +6588133697 to discuss
Just wanted to emphasise that the band's current focus will be to achieve the pop/pop punk/pop rock sound first before we experiment with other genres!

We're also looking for a bassist :) Bassists, feel free to contact me!

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