Volume pot resistors


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I want to get a volume pot resistor (500kohm) to replace the current one in my Godin LG SP90 guitar. Where do I get this from sim lim?

Not likely you can get a same model POT from simlim.

You can search the whole place, and the stuff you can get have to be modified to fit a guitar, cause it's not meant for the guitar in the first place.

That's why I still source for parts meant for guitar use elsewhere. Direct replacement part.

Pay a few extra bucks for that peace of mind.
boon studio in potong pasir, near jackson kopitiam.
yes, davis sells pot. the last time i bought was abt $5 or 6$ if memory serves correctly. 500k, I think its gotch, made in japan, very good.
boon selling the same one also.
u can use those pots from Sim Lim tower but they're Linear pots not Logarithmic pots. I recommend Log pots instead if u're replacing ur volume pot. Linear pots are useless for volume unless u want a huge jump in volume as u roll up.

davies sells the pot. and well since u're changing. u might also want to consider getting a push pull pot? if u're good at circuitry anyway... to have more options on ur PU config.