Vocal Lessons - Audio request


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hi there once again.

you guys seem to like my tutorials quite well, at least that's what I like to see it as. :lol:
so I'm gonna do some audio lessons, recording my voice and demonstrating simple vocal stuff. Turbochicken suggested this so I thought it was cool, so go ahead and make your requests. I'd try my best to demonstrate what you all need.
hey gjkung,


lemme start?

1. what practices do i have to do to make sure i'm using my diaphragm?
2. recommended warmups to further ensure accurate pitching, being singing?
np turbochicken.

about all y'all requests:

The diaphragm one might be hard, cuz the main ways to test it is mostly airflow tests which you can't really hear. I'd try my best though.

I think I can do the pitching one, do you want to be a little more specific? cuz there's a thousand and one things I can do with pitching and you can too, though i think you just want the basics, but maybe you have a type of song you're trying to sing?

Tany, i don't think i can help you much. But I can demonstrate something called Dipthong, which is stretching the vowel sound and putting the consonant on the end. And I can't do vibrato, it's not a technique a 15 year old n00b knows. Roflmao

andrew, why would you need that? I can do it quite well though. but still, I don't get what you mean by smoothly. Cuz the two are two different sounds and you can't actually blend them well enough to be smooth. maybe you're referring to changing without awkwardness or cracking? 'd try my best.

(p.s I'm already starting to feel alittle shy rofl, 've never recorded a serious audio before.)
I've learn something from my choir conductor about the diarphram. Sit on a chair with ur back straight. Breathe in and then breathe out but at the same time do the sh*tting motion. Put your hands a bit lower on ur hips. There's actually this expanding movement there. I havent been in choir for a long time and I'm not really sure if what i said was exactly what she told.
guys, I'd be away from Sunday till Tuesday in Malaysia, my concert just ended and I' m taking sometime off to visit my relatives. I'd be back on tuesday and start doing the audio lessons if I can,

meanwhile, just relax and workon your singing and discuss with others, I'd be back!