Upgraded Epiphone Casino with Bigsby


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This has been my number 1 for the longest time but I've recently gotten an Epiphone 1966 Century and it has replaced the Casino for good. This is a limited edition Casino with factory Bigsby, retailed at S$1150 but it's no longer available as it was a limited run. It has a very thin poly finish so to allow the body to resonate like how it should, so thin you can see the wood grain. I don't know any other models that has such a finish other than some very high end Greco. The only complain about Casinos is that the stock pickups are way too hot. I've swap them out for vintage output Alnico V P90s(7.4k N, 9.4k B) for that vintage tone. Stock covers are retained. USA tone pots and Mallory 150 tone caps. They are said to be very close to the original Bumble Bee caps Gibson use. The biggest mod is the removal of the "sound block) from under the bridge. It was stock from the factory but I've played the Elitist Casino that's made in Japan and those doesn't have the sound block in between and it made the guitar sound much more alive. It's very loud acoustically right now. The mod is reversible. Just take it to any luthier who works on violins or cello and they can easily put a replacement for you.

Cosmetic wise, some very fine swirl marks on the finish here and there and a bit of rash on the back. Bit of oxidation on the nickel hardware. Setup with D'Addario chromes flatwounds 12-52. $730 with TKL hardcase and $650 without hardcase.

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