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Hey...I've been looking around for a good pickup (bridge position) that i hit for both riffings and solos. It's not that im lazy to flick switches to the neck pickup or etc. but i really like the brightness of the bridge pickup.
Im afraid if i were to install some high output pickups it would be too bright for solos.
So I was wondering what would be good enof to fit in the spot. :D
if there is something called the ultimate pickup, I don't think other pickup manufacturer will survive :lol:
Sorry dude, why you get a brighter sound at the bridge is because the strings at that point is vibrating more finely than the neck position.

At neck position, the strings are in strong vibration, thus the pickup gives you a very chunky bassy sound.

It's just physics..... 8)
umm humbucker..umm sorri for my bad english..ill try to explain one more time. my pickup config is SSH. My intentions now are to remove all the other pickups and just use the bridge pickup. I would like to know what would be a good pickup that is versatile to fit in.
i'd leave the other pickups on if i were you, your tone get boring if you use your bridge pickup 24/7.

i like my neck pickups for that nice warm sound and my bridge pickup for the crunch
its all about diversity, and you may want the other pickups later
but its your call
JB: The ULTIMATE Bridge Pickup. In my opinion, anyway. Lol.

For my kind of music, i.e. Iron Maiden, Nightwish, the JB is beautiful. Great distortion chording, clean, biting solos. The JB stands out. I do not regret putting the JB in my guitar, bridge position.

But I DO regret putting in an Invader, neck position :(

Lol. Just my opinion. JB is what I like, and I hope you will like it too.
guitarnub said:
i'd leave the other pickups on if i were you, your tone get boring if you use your bridge pickup 24/7.

+1, although I'm kinda in love with my Bridge too.

Oh by the way, a neck position Invader, full humbucker + a coil tapped Lil '59 in middle creates a beautiful clean tone. I don't know why I said that, I just did. Lol. Other than that, somehow I don't like the Invader. Could be my amp settings. Oh well.
Hey thanks man~!! wats JB aniway? wats its full name?? I might consider putting in. I've really made up my mind also and that is to use only the bridge pickup . Therefore, really would like to know what would be good that could go for both riffings and solos.
It is widely believed to stand for Jeff Beck, but I believe (and some people will testify to that) it stands for Jazz and Blues, though I have no idea why such a pickup was given such a mellow name.

Yeah, the JB is good for both soloing and chording and WHATEVER. Lol.

Iron Maiden, for one, uses it for both.

The JB alone costs exactly $126.79, from Yamaha, not including installation.

Definitely worth it, for me. Just a thought: Try putting a Hot Rails in your guitar. It's another excellent pickup as well. Once again, think Iron Maiden.
haha..icic...yamaha..any other places where they sell that? wat bout dimarzio super dist or paf pros? are they too bright for solos at bridge position?
Not too sure.

www.gain10music.com has them. but they're taken off Yamaha, so I reccomend you check with Yamaha first. As for DiMarzio's yeah the PAF Pro's are pretty decent, as well as the Super Distortion, but I still reccomend Seymour Duncans.
er....would like to ask ar....what pickups combination would be good for hard rock, metal, pop, blues? for a h-s-s config. agathis body. any idea anyone?
For all genres eh. Alright, JB for hum, Lil 59 for single, Hot Rails (or a Duckbucker) for single.

JB provides you with metal, rock.
As does the Hot Rails.

Duckbucker: All of the strat's quack, none of the hum. Vintage sounding, bluesy and mild mannered pickup.

Lil 59, sounds like a classic PAF humbucker. Versatile.

www.seymourduncan.com You can review their other pickups there.

Coil tap all of them, throw in 5 way switch and Enjoy!
the singles ar.....which for what position would u reccomend? and i noticed dun have agathis in their website the tone wizard
help help.
I'd go with a Lil 59 or Duckbucker in the middle.

Thats just me.

Or you can leave the rock to the JB and put a Lil 59 in one slot, and a Duckbucker in the other.

It all just depends on what sound you want.

Neck = Warmer

Middle = "Normal"

Bridge = bright, attack-y lol.
Yes, I do love the JB. Alot. More than any other pickup. :heart:


There are two camps in the JB name dispute. One is Jeff Beck. The other, is Jazz & Blues.

Seeing Seymour's odd way of naming pickups (just run the SD Jazz pickup through distortion and you'll know what I mean) I'd go for Jazz & Blues.

Who really knows? Seymour Duncan himself.