Trouble over 2 amps - which 2 keep

Which amp should i keep?

  • Marshall MG10CD

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  • Laney HCM10

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  • Chuck em both

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  • Keep them

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Today i got an epiphone G-400, together with a Laney amp.. now i hv 2 amps at home.. both practice amps 10W, with Cd in and headphones jack..

some songs i find the laney better, some the marshall better..

which would u guys recommend to keep?
Chuck both. Get something else. Maybe a 30 watt amp.
If you dont have to sell them.. Keep em.
i think u should keep em both, use whichever suits u better for different songs. unless, as said, u need to, then sell. but i think two functioning amps are good. at least if one spoils u have a backup too.