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Hi all,

Do you think that Tokai Les Paul & SG copies are good replacements to Gibson?

Gimme some ideas *Where is subby!!?!?*

I wouldn't call them as replacements. From the reviews that I've seen, the MIJ Tokai copies definitely can rival it's counterparts. Most of them who owns the MIJ Tokais added that it might be better than the originals. If you don't mind the brand name, it's worth a try imho
I'm totally sold on Tokai. if you see pics of the high end ones, you'll faint!

now i'm trying to figure out which one to get
tokai and burny are good copies. but if you are talking about replacements for gibson, you have to look at tokai LS120 and above or burny RLG80/90 and above. both of these tokai and burny series are MIJ.

the tokai and burny that are MIK are good for the price. but won't come close to a real gibson.

i have tried a RLG90 and a tokai LS80, the burny is better IMO, but then it is not a fair comparison since the RLG 90 should be compared to a LS120.
Tokai... An interesting guitar company.

I have an Australian guitar mag which was published a few years back, and there's this article titled "Victorians Get Tokai Direct". Tokai opened an office/store in Victoria which carries a full range of their products and they brought in amps for prospective customers to try their guitars with.

I believe they did this because everyone wants to sell their LP copies only. Which isn't in their interest, imho. They have interesting stuff like the Sound Stream, Talbo etc. And they have PRS copies as well. :wink:

Oops, not the 3-letter brand! :lol:
well ive checked online that their 3 letter brand copies easily run up to 2-3K sing
still a bit cheaper,...
Would you get the high end Tokai LPs or would you get the low to middle-end Gibson? Especially when budget, tone, playability, quality etc are factors (excluding brand name) to consider...

Thanks for all the replies & comments. Personally, after visiting Tokai & Gibson website, I would say that cosmetically, they are almost similar, but sound wise, they are really unique.

Gibson have its own & Tokai have its own as well. I guess it boils down to personal sound preferences (putting the brand name aside).
I think Tokai is somewhere between Epi and Gibson.

I've been checking them out alot and found that all the made in japan ones come with a full maple cap. the flame on the lower end models are a veneer but it still has maple underneath.

Compared with epi, like my classic birdseye, its only got a veneer ontop of the body which is i also dunno what.

IMO if you gonna get the highest end Tokai, i.e. the cuatom made one, it would be more of a cosmetics reason cos the price would be similar to a Gibby.

I'm eyeing either the LS75 plain top or a LS150 flame to the max.
but the problem is $1K diff.

I got a offer for a Burny Super-Grade Les Paul. Wonder if its standard is somewhere near Tokai or Gibson?
is it one on orangeguitar? im not sure too, i heard that tokais are kinda overrated and overpriced, can get a good burny lp for that price.
be careful. there are burny and tokais out there that are made in korea. but if the seller is good and honest. they will let you know. if not, some may act blurr.
mattleesc i sort of agree with you. tokais are still value for money, my suspicion is that it is slightly over priced compared to the other copies.

the reason is tokai does market their products internationally. i think they do endorse artist too - i may be wrong here. so in this sense they will definately put cost into the guitar.

Where as brands like Burny, Greco, Orville etc are meant solely for their local market in Japan. No international marketing.

but the sad thing is that there aren't many MIJ burny for us to try. those in Yamaha are MIK, which i think is comparable to the tokai MIK in davies.

worst still - orville and greco don't produce these copies anymore. harder to find.

turtlemuscle said:
be careful. there are burny and tokais out there that are made in korea. but if the seller is good and honest. they will let you know. if not, some may act blurr.

Hmm the OrangeGuitar guy is honest. He told me that its MIK & he told me everything I need to know abt the Burny RLG-55s. A very friendly guy. his name is Wai Kay.

But does it mean that MIK Burny are lower grade?