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Hi guys,

This may sound really irritating,but I really have no clue as to what to get to do simple recording at home.

I play the guitars, bass and drums, and I have them all at home.However my drumset is the Yamaha DTX kind, meaning, digital.

My budget is anything as long as its simple and good, and I would not mind recording thru headphones, so basically soundproofing can be ignored.

My PC is a P4, 3 GHZ, and 160GB , and I have no idea whether I should get an additional or better soundcard or what-not.

Basically, I'll need to buy a good software, and some kinda recording input thingie, which I have no clue as in whats good in the market now.

I sing too, so I may need advise on standard mics, or that behringer thing that cost 60 bucks which I ve read about here.

I'm thinking of getting the POD XTLIVE or POD 2.0 to help in this recording set-up.

But basically, Im a newbie to all this new technology, I only know how to use n-trak since 1998,

So please help me.

minimum budget SGD 100, Maximum budget SGD 3,000.(but better if not so expensive lah)

Thanks guys , would really appreciate your help. :cry: :cry:
snuffleupagus, you have a powerful computer system. you just need the hardware and software to make it work nicely.

there are 2 things you will need to consider here.

1. choice of hardware
this will depends on the number of inputs and the kind of inputs you need. since you are doing recording mainly for yourself and not a live band, would you be contended with being able to record 1 instrument at 1 time?

the cost of these audio interface depends largely on the number of inputs it has and the quality of it.

at the higher side of your budget, you can consider a Digidesign Digi 002 Rack
this come complete with the hardware and software. just plug in and you are ready to go.

on the lower end of your budget, you can consider something like the Line 6 TonePort UX2
this is so affordable that you can just buy 1 and try to see if you like it.

Since you are using a digital drum, you can actually record using MIDI. Quntize the notes and adjust all the dynamics using MIDI and then record it to audio for mixing.

2. Software
Most software has some kind of demo that you can download and try out. And the good news is, most hardware you buy comes bundled with some software that you can use.

I had a omega studio for 4 input 1/4 tsr, 2 xlr, and 1 midi recording, can record 4 mono track at one time. They will provide free software Cubase which is abt the same as what u had used previously. So Cubase might be good for u. :)

So far i really not very sure how midi can work better in audio file. Pls enlighten me anyone pls ? Tks

if you are referring to the "1 midi recording", it is simply used for connecting any midi instrument/equipment to it.

you can hooked up any keyboard/sound module to your computer to record/playback midi tracks.
hi shawn,
i bought my midi cables at sim lim for like $10. or less can't remember exact price. there's a shop on 3rd floor which sells cables only...can't remember name sorry.
just for your further education and consideration, my current budget setup, which i am quite contented with is: -
POD XT Live. thru Echo MIA MIDI soundcard, thru Mackie 1202 vlz pro mixer, with yamaha HS50 monitors and for late night recording, thru Sony 7506 headphones. mic is a behringer b-1 mic. good results on both vocals and recording acoustics. with judicious eq'ing of course..keke.
hope this helps.

as for software, some mixers/soundcards come with cubase/nuendo/cakewalk software free these days. e.g. M-audio i think still has it...if not, then try to find a friend or someone who has an upgrade option and u can buy the original software cheaper in this way i think...

i use mostly drum loops for my drums, but ur dt express? sounds much better and more convenient. my desire is to own one too...heh. but for now saving up for guitar la... :)
M-audio gear does come with some free "light" versions of software... I think stuff like Ableton Live Lite (ver 4) and ProTools m-powered.

SGD3000 is a decent amount of cash... Maybe if you buy a multiple input soundcard, you wouldn't even need a hardware mixer. I'm using the Presonus Firepod (about $1000, 8 in 8 out for analog, 2 in 2 out for digital, MIDI support). A reasonable alternative might be the Alesis FW16 (16 in, 2 out, functions as a mixer, uses firewire) Then the rest of your money can be spent on mics and stuff.

M-audio and behringer sell pretty decent cheap condensers (eg, Luna, B-1), and Behringer's C-2 is already out overseas, if I'm not wrong (2 matched pencil condensers for a ridiculously cheap price).

"Stuff" may include monitors, midi controllers, etc. Monitors wise, KRK's RP-5s go at 500 bucks and are quite good. I think it's the cheapest and most cost effective (though I may be wrong). Midi controllers... you can try the Behringer BCF. It has motorised faders. Or the evolution UC-33. Also quite good.

I think that still leaves some cash spare. :p
wow man thats some expensive stuff...hehe i used to record by just connecting my digitech into my soubdlaster live's line in and switch on cool edit pro...actuayl i wanna get a new card to support my spdif output on my gt-8...where can i get good soundcards not too expensive...max 500$....and which brands are available in sg??
If you want something to support spdif, m-audio's stuff will work fine. Firewire solo is only $345. You can plug a mic as well as a guitar into that thing, and it'll work fine, since it has its own preamps. It even comes with spdif I/O (coaxial)

However, buying the spdif cable will HURT, and may well push you over the 500 mark if you want a longer cable.
WTF....u r kidding me right...spdif cables cost that much!!!

alright i dun need a card with its own pre amps or anythign..i got my gt-8 for taht...just a card that is good for me to connect my spdif output for the i need nothing long...1 metre is more than enuff....:)....any views...

also where can i find m audio products???
Well, unless I got ripped off, 1m of spdif cable set me back $60 or so.

M-audio products can be found at Sinamex

Well, if you just want an input for your spdif, then you could always settle for creative products. Their Audigy supports spdif, if I'm not wrong. Possibly cost you about 200 bucks.
Thanks Kithsa....

That was very informative...i aws looking at the Firewire solo and the Audiophile..they seem to be within my price range...but im just wondering...if i get the firewire it an externale soundcard or will it still be running on my creative soundblaster....(that sucks)....and what would the advantages be of the firewire over the audiophile......

How much better is M-audio over creative??...and laaastly....anyone using pro tools...??it seems interesting!!:D
Both the FW Solo and Audiophile will function as a standalone sound interface, though you will have to plug it into your computer via firewire. It can even be powered by firewire (on 6 pins only, not the 4 pin variant).

I'll say that the drivers alone are much better than standard creative stuff, since they use ASIO2 drivers, allowing for much lower latency than the usual DX and MME. Also, the outputs of the Solo are balanced TRS outs, compared to the 1/8" jack of most of the soundblasters. Even the FW Audiophile uses RCA outputs, decent enough.

I owned an Audigy 2 NX before, and I upgraded to a Firewire Audiophile. You cna literally hear the difference in sound quality, IMO. And my overal setup latency was cut by a lot, a must if u like to record your guitar while another track is running (eg, a drum track) on the computer.

Firewire Solo vs Firewire Audiophile... If I'm not wrong, the Audiophile has more outputs than the Solo (2 more). But, the Solo has preamps. And, the Solo is cheaper. In a way, the Audiophile is better suited to laptop DJs, and the Solo seems better for guitarists.

Speaking of which, I'm selling my Firewire Audiophile... just 350 bucks. Still, I'd recommend the Firewire Solo for you, since you don't really need the additional outputs.

And about Pro-Tools... the version you'll get is Pro-Tools M-Powered, if you go for M-audio gear. Otherwise, ProTools is only designed to work with Digidesign gear (if I'm not wrong), and Digidesign gear costs a bomb, and seems to like macs better (a problem if you use PCs). Personally, I'd stick to other sequencers, but that's just my opinion.
that was really informative....u really knwo ur stuff man thanks....

What about the audiophile i understand thats a soundcard right....???cos its only 200+....

I believe my computer doesnt have a firewire that gonna cause a big problem....

I was just so interested in pro tools cause i saw vais demo...i thought that was kick ti a sequencer too?? like fruity loops???