timothy guitars

mmmm yeah ive handled a Timothy acoutsic before

You guys should try it!!! The action is damn good dude!!! :)

A friend told me that the brand of the guitar was named after the shop owner's son. Dont know wether thats true anot. Info was from my friend and assistant cell leader Victor.
yep. do try out the market. mebbe give their taylors a go, walk over to citymusic and try some martins, there are some corts at sweelee quite worth it. takamine at davis. zion and lakewood and alvarez acoustics at living strings. you got matons and breedlove at G77 and not forgetting blueridge at maestro. also rankin has some art and luthrie, lavaree etc...lots to try, don't constrain yourself unnecessarily to timothy...
and on the topic of sg made...there's also malcolm who makes acoustics...;)