The Numbers Game

which of these would u prefer?

  • 3-member band

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  • 4-member band

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  • 5-member band

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Which of them would u prefer? or would u like more than 5 members in a band?? how many guitarists, bassists, vocalist, etc would u put in?
a curious poll for a curious person ~~ 8)
actually the number of bandmates dun really matter alot...but instead...the chemistry between each bandmastes r more important...thats wat i think
ure right there.. but a 3 member band cannot play a 6 member band song.. hmmm.. i mean.. the music will sound diff coz nid to improvise.. ya smth like tat.. juz wanted to noe wat some of u preferred.. haha.. 8)
to me...5 is the best band number...2 guitarists..1 bassist..1 drummer and 1 vocal...when needed..1 of the guitarist can be keyboardist also...
Threesome is the best. Easy to maintain the band, arrange jamming sessions, and to sound check.

IMHO, bands with single guitarist are often more innovative than with dual guitarists, they're arent that restricted to powerchords eg. RHCP, audioslave/ratm. Instead they do alot of riffing. Without the second guitarist, the bassist would also be given more room to show off his ability.

Dual guitarists will usually mean 1 guy will do all the powerchords, the other one do lead. It wouldnt be very practical for guitar riffing, because most of the time the lead wont go very well with the guitar riffs. And if both guitarists do powerchords or palm mute powerchords.. chances are u cannot hear the bassist.,And sometimes either of the guitarist will have nothing to play for a very long part of the song.With the powerchord+ lead combination, Your songs will get kinda dry after a while

I dont like the idea of having a keyboardist.. Keyboards sounds too 'processed' and polished for a rockish sound
one or two guitarists have their own strengths and pitfalls...
i don't think you can really say it's better with either...
it all depends on the music...
i love the effect the single gutiar has in bands like RHCP and audioslave.
but then i also love 2 guitars in gnr acdc or foofighters.
when it comes down to it the music matters the most...
hmm....... :roll:

how abt....... :roll:

1 vox....... :roll:
2 guitarists....... :roll:
1 keyboardist....... :roll:
1 dj....... :roll:
1 bassist....... :roll:
1 drummer....... :roll:

ops....... :lol:

more den 5 can bo?....... :oops:
i prefer 6, complete line up.. depends on your keyboardist, i myself is a keyboardist so i think bands should have keyboardists =p. Having guitars only often limit the band's capability in terms of songs, theory etc, becoz most of the time keyboardist are classical trainined, and most of the time, they are doing the sequencing for the original too. In my opinion, i think bands with keyboardist can often come out with originals that are more creative ^^
1 guitarist, 1 bassist, 1 drummer, 1 keyboardist, 1 vocalist to maybe play guitar sometimes when needed. Sounds great to me =D
pretty cool... most of u like a std 5 member thing, altho hifi_killer had some gd explanation for a 3 member piece.. speaking of members, slipknot has like 9 or smth.. but some of their music pretty cool i think.. 8)
slipknot comes up with some pretty mean stuff man...
i like my band in 5 pieces.
2 guitars
1 bass
1 drums
1 vox...
I'm in the middle between 3 and 4 but I went for's easier to manage although you can play better and nicer songs with 4.