The Legend


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i guess many out there have not seen this. juz wanna share with u guys. one of my all time fav, emotional guitar heroes.
The man with the bluesy, funky groove and 'feel'. The man with legendary guitar tone. A great singer as well.

Eric Clapton said,"He seemed to be in open channel. The music just flowed thru him."
BB King said,"He flowed when he play. He made me just stop and listen."
His brother said,"He could always get plugged into his soul's emotions."

This is his final show..10 Oct 1989. 9 months later, he died.

Need XviD/DivX codec to watch. Enjoy... must be SRV........the man with the left sided tremolo bridge.....hahahahah.....some ppl say he was the legend,but i still think that he still is a legend inside some of us who love his music
The thing that amazes me, is that he's already using an insanely heavy gauge. Yet he still manages to break the biggest one, the low E.
he uses 13s. i heard he superglues his fingertips so that he can play what he plays without burning out his fingers (who wouldn't unless your fingers are made of steel!)

no offense, but its stuff like SRV that has soul in the music, unlike too much shredding or japan metal stuff.