"Behind the SCENE #5" – Wong Ah Boy, the Legendary Sound Engineer


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"BEHIND THE SCENE" is a series to showcase individuals who are very much involved in Singapore's underground music scene. While the scene is usually highlighted by the musicians and certain individuals, this series aims capture more of the "unsung heroes" and their stories.

Each set in this series will be paired with a short interview (5 questions max), and I do hope everyone will enjoy the photos and readings as much as I did making them.

"Behind the SCENE #5" – Wong Ah Boy / K.K Wong, the Legendary Sound Engineer

For those familiar with the Singapore music scene, this man and his studio (Fugazi and Nirvana visits are already legendary) needs no introduction. Here’s a guest opening paragraph from another legend:

“Wong Ah Boy and his TNT studio was one of the three factors (the other two were the opening of Substation at the end of 1989 and BigO mag) why the local indie/punk/DIY scene took off.

Read the full article by Steven Chew here

You see, what happened was he was a damn best guitarist shredder (he was in a band that opened for Loudness) and he had empathy. Lots of it. Looking at how poor thing, we all punkshits in the late 80s were, he started TNT and converted it into a budget recording studio, so we can all record our songs/dreams/painjoy. It was the FIRST low cost studio in Singapore. That is knnccb damn crucial cos it means all the poor fucks like me, u and every Beng, Mat and Yeehaar can record an album and release it. This was the year 1990. There was No digital audio workstation (DAW). No internet. It was tough. But Mr Ah Boy was Tougher!!

There were times in the mid/late 90s he nearly quit cos money was tight, he started a family, daily living was tough, but the manboy steeled himself n rise above every shit life threw at him. He built TNT with his own hands (no contractors) and through the decades, upgraded gear, renovated sound proofing, upgraded OS from 4track to protools, learning and building everything on his own. Yes. With with with his own hardy man hands.

Do check out his fingers/nails and u all will see decades of dedication to his passion, to help and serve the music burning in all of us and ... Damn! Ah boy out punk us all I tell u. And if he kwa simi he earned the right to look at us all in the eye. And we know he's right. Of course he will never knn agree” – Joe Ng

The Interview done in 70% Hokkien, and translated to English. Enjoy and till next time. Again as always, if you guys have any suggestions on who should be featured here, drop me a note! Enjoy!

Read the full article by Steven Chew here
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