the drummers gathering


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wah lao u guys got the gathering every week i didn't know siaK!!!! WTF!! haha i wanted to see that dunno which guy play...the guy with the insane independance...dude ur good man.. well i only got to know about it after shred5 told me... damnit...
hey the kid with the screwed hand. :lol:

its not a gathering actually...more of lessons...

and the guy with independence freaky thingy is Pulse_ironica :D
yea frummer i remember u!! haha damn...but it has to be on a saturday at that time.. i have CCA damnit.. but i wanna go and chill with u guys!! ahhh damn... bloody hell..
this thread lyk at the wrong forum...anyways...

yea you can sit inside what...dont malu malu...
eh I best la. I was jamming at fourtones from 12 to 2 and I only found out about it TODAY. and I couldn't stay cos I had PW. think i'd have been out of place anyway. even Green Day's Whatsername is giving me problems. can't do the damned half-bar fill.
malu arr..haha not invited wat..wait extra extra... but anyway.. it'll be good if can plan on a different time la..haiya..if not i miss it every week..SIAN LA
its usuallly in the after noon...ard 2 - 6 period...somewhere in between the 2 hours la. ixora05...which 1 were U!? :lol:
I wasn't there. Shred5 told me about it when I was there to jam. saw you guys when I was peeping into the room like some chee ko pek cos I didn't dare to talk to you all. I was the girl with short hair and a gray nike bag.
Frummer she was the drummer lah. They jammed in the time slot before our lesson.

ixora05: i'm just really curious how come the jam studio was so silent! was it bcos of the aircon problem?
huh? it was silent meh? how long were you guys there? we made a lot of noise when we weren't attempting the songs we're trying to cover. me anyhow practicing on drums, mero trying to get his solo or 'twiddly bits' right, Yuzy plunking away on bass...and littleblackgems singing with Mero trying to sing as well (heh). we made a lot of noise what!
LOL okay. maybe next time. my parents are putting a serious kibosh on the drumming thanks to my lousy econs grades. need to go mug and pull my grades up so that I can carry on my drumming. *the things we do for music*
OHHHHHHH. SO YOU'RE IN BRENNAGH'S BAND. haha. damn i didn't know. invite me to one of your band's jamming sessions after my olvls! i'd <3 to see you guys jam. haha!
yes at nigel's place! woot. love DRMP. I learned so much hanging out there for just one afternoon and listening to all the expert people talk drums. and to pepper-: yes, I'm in Bren's band. Was, actually. grades. pah. they'll be doing acoustic sets for awhile.
Frummer wat tokking lah this sat got the drummers exchange wat~!

anyway i'll organise another, i promise. i prefer a more slack and talk and get to interact with everyone instead of a lesson kind of thing.

some booze, some cards, some earplugs, and lots of drumsticks.

ixora05: haha i was there almost throughout your jamming cos i was super early helping shred5 out sniping baddies on PS2. glad you all had fun! you in JC by the way?
LOL drummers' gathering. will try to come down if I can. study extra hard the whole week so I can come!

Vio: lol, I know. Shred5 told me you were there. our studio wasn't quiet la. we were making lotsa noise in there.