Telecaster Neck Adjustments. Tools of the trade


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Hi friends,

Just thought i would seek your opinions about neck adjustment on a telecaster. vintage styled neck tele's tend to have truss rod adjustment located at the heel of the neck, the tool to use is most likely an angled screwdriver.


Adjusting such truss rods can be quite a pain. It's either the neck has to be removed from the pocket to create space for a screwdriver to make adjustments on the truss rod or by removing the neck pickup so that the angled screwdriver have room to fit. The more commonly found angled screwdrivers in stores just don't fit in the route between the pickup and truss rod nut.


i would like to seek opinions and advice from the tele users here who do their own setups on the best possible way to have the truss rod adjusted with minimal fuss.

a homebrew truss rod adjustment tool maybe?

an angled screwdriver that can fit in the route between the pickup and nut that can be bought locally off the shelves?

Do share your thoughts if you have success in this

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I still think removing the neck from the neck pocket is still the surest and easiest way to adjust the truss rod. I have heard of someone who drilled a hole in the pickguard above the neck pup to provide external access, but YMMV.
he he... my tele sports a headstock-end adjustment.

but for the ones sporting one at the body end of the neck, removal is the way. i experience this whenever i re-string my Mustang bass, truss rod tweaking is inevitable.
Yeah guys, i think that's the only logical way to do it is to remove the neck. Not the quickest and easiest way but it has to be done...