1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite (For Sale / Trade)


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Dear all,

I have a lovely, all-original 1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite in a rare, Sienna Sunburst, for sale or trade today. It is almost impossible to find a Stratocaster Elite in SS online today, let alone in Singapore.
elite 0.jpg

The Elite series dates back to late 1981, when work on the model began - and was finally released in 1983. It was meant to combine modern technologies with the classic Stratocaster design. The electronics, vibrato and neck adjustment mechanisms were all to be improved. When the Elite Stratocaster was finally released in 1983 it included numerous new features:

- Biflex truss rod adjustment (installed from the rear - with skunk stripe on neck)
- Neck angle adjuster located in the neck plate
- Slightly wider nut width
- Flatter 12-inch fretboard radius

- Ezy-Glyder point contact string retainers
- High-ratio, low-backlash machine heads with specially lubricated tuning gears
- Security lock strap buttons

- Heavy-duty cast bridge assembly
- 'Drop-in' string loading, Freeflyte tremolo system with tension adjustable from the top
- Snap-in Torq-Master tremolo arm.

- Alnico II single coil pickups without protruding poles
- Noise-cancelling pickup system with a dummy coil between the lead and the middle pickups
- Active electronics with a special preamp circuit including MDX (mid-range) and TBX (high-range) controls
- Three separate pickup push-on-off selector switches
- Edge-mounted jack output and control knobs with a serrated rubber insert

elite 1.jpg
There is a small backplate near the edge covering the 9-volt battery for the active circuitry. No backplate or recess in the back of the body for tremolo springs.

elite 2.jpg
Serial number dates it somewhere between 1982-1985, made in the Fullerton Factory, USA. The Elite model ran between 1983 and 1984. Eric Clapton used one too btw! It is known that his Signature model drew inspiration from the Stratocaster Elite back in 1985.

elite glory.jpg

The condition of the guitar is brilliant. Hardly any cosmetic issues, which is surprising for a 39-year-old guitar. You truly need to see this beast in person, as pictures don't do much justice to it.

I am looking to sell this piece for $2600. The cheapest listing for a 1983 Fender Stratocaster Elite on Reverb is 2550usd + 650usd shipping, which equates to 4.3k SGD. It's in black as well, one of the more common colors. Additionally, it doesn't come with the original hardcase, like mine. But I will provide you with a Fender Deluxe Hardcase.

Feel free to hit me with any questions, or otherwise trades. I am happy to arrange a non-obligatory viewing anytime. Thanks!

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