Techno + Tango!


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Here's an OLD OLD song I dug up... I doubt many have heard this before... basically I tried to add techno with some tango and lots of rock together. Heh... kinda hilarious. And yes, I composed everything. Pardon the computer game midi... I didn't know much then. ;)

Techno Tango!
hahahahahha! interesting stuff here! of course, it is rock guitar... i dunno how to describe it tho! now listening to it for a 2nd time. some parts sound middle eastern, other parts sound like Mr Bungle, and others sound like Voivod! but no techno tho... hahahahahha! ok, there is a "fake piano" part, and a tiny bit of tango thingy. now i'm listening a 3rd time! ok the guitar really rips! the tone and the playing is superb to me... its great! i especially love the part where the guitar hrmonize early in the song. sounds like a horde of robots in Star Wars talking or something! i truly enjoyed this! nice, nice...

wonder how come nobody is listening or posting anything??? maybe the Techno+Tango title puts people/guitarists/rockers off??? hmmmmm...

anw i'm listening to this again now...
Hey echoist... thanks for listening. :) This is just some old stuff I threw together... didn't really have a clear understanding of what is techno and I still don't! 8)

As for why no one is listening... ah... i guess its because of the Techno thing. :wink:
hmm it's a good try actually, nice experimentation. Pardon me but i get lost in the song literally and nothing seems to capture me back.. Motif maybe? :)
Hahaha.... true true MrRhoads... But I guess sometimes you want to get away from the motif/chorus thing? But rather move in a thematic approach. So for this piece, its really more of going thru different themes than going thru verse --> chorus --> verse --> chorus kind of thing.
heheheheheh... nothing wrong with the structure of the song really... and i feel the intro/verse/chorus/verse etc is too predictable. heheheehhhe...
hmmmm I took a listen to it again, it still doesn't capture me..Or should i say it's theme.. I feel it can be improved with more dynamics expression, melodies structure, suitable tension/release or motif etc.

Maybe you're referring to stuff like steve vai - Fire garden suite.