Tainted Friday - Acoustic September cover


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So we covered a Greenday song. Don't flame us. Hahaha.

Here you go.

It's acoustic(plus shakers). Guitar has some screwups at some parts, but other than that it should sound okay... and if it doesn't please post here, we'll make sure to keep it in mind. ;) Will really appreciate them.

1st Vocals - Cel (hush-d)(the drummer)
2nd Vocals - Me (the guitarist.)
Backup vocals - Yanni (sexy bass(ist))

Might have a little original coming up, depending on whether we have time to work on it (with the Olvl's and all). Meanwhile, enjoy.
so far as im concerned, u pple did a real good job, and i *think* that the guitar screwups that u mentioned cant really be heard, so on the whole, fantastic! ^^
the intro was great, nice and clean. but 2nd part got a little distorted for me. but i really liked the vocals and the harmonies. shaker can afford to be mixed much softer in the mix. hope to hear ur originals soon. cheers!

hush-d said:
lol i hope ur socks are clean :lol: anyway thanks for the feedback. atee where r u ahaha.

Don't worry I'll give you a pair of new socks to signature when I attend your concert kk?