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sorry where can i know more bout them? hmm intresting.. anyway.. where and how can i be inform bout their band performance??
it's under the band listing... top left of the home page when u enter soft. i think they have their website listed there :)
on the main page, top-left hand corner. click on their name and then click on the blue globe somewhere on the page. it will bring you to their band page. really cool, they're young and are all girls. hee.
they are very nice gals to hang out with and they are very ............. i mean VERY talented man.................i think they r studing now for thier O level............ they will be more active after that i think.............


hello. drummer from tainted friday here. together with my bandmates standing by my side. anyway, THEY ALL SAY HELLO. anyway our upcoming gigs include the asian beat semis on 5th nov, playing at about 8-9 pm and the exposure 77.2 gig (date TBA) and we highly recommend tt u attend both of them. we will be honoured by your presence. and tainted firday is a nice name. omg r u into the chinese band f.i.r. I KNEW IT. ok byebye signing off. http://freewebs.com/taintedfriday for more info!

oh yah, birthout, how did you hear abt us anyway? just curious. k :D
my bassist is dying to say sth.
"i dont know what to say"
...yah. that's all for now stay tuned. :)
*play looney tunes theme*
*TBA= to be announced. k bye.
Disclaimer on above post: No we're not all bimbos.

If you've got any questions to ask at all, feel free to do so! As for our upcoming(and previous) performances, we'll keep updates on our website.

Originals coming up soon too. ;)
hey can i ask a very impt question?

how u guys cope with music and studies at the same time? isnt the asian beat comp right in mids of Os? 8O

oh crap.. so so sorry didnt mean to.. was just rushing to type.. sorry tainted... yeah .. btw how does this place works?? are everyone here super close as in frends and all?? haha.. this community sound pretty cool :wink:
thor666 said:
heh... that's why hush-d said he/she like FIR mah. :p

lol u deserve to be hamtam-ed. OF COURSE IM A SHE LAH. TAINTED FRIDAY ALL-GIRL BAND WHAT! :!: :!: :!:

lol, and who says we're coping well with studies? and yes we're skipping school tmr to complete our original for asian beat semis. that's how we cope. :D so if u see us under ur void deck tmr, say hi.
Yep it's right before the important papers. 5th Nov. Papers start at 7th. Hahaha. At least it's just one song though. One set and we can forget about O's.
looks like history has been insulted. and TADAH! TAINTED FRIDAY WITH THEIR FIRST MALE GROUPIE! Heh, just kidding dude.
haha no worries guess u guys can make it for Os .. haha hope to hear those songs.. shld be realli gd huh? haha cool cool.. anyway .. i'm a guy everyone.. =P i dun have identity problem =)