Synth workstation Floppy Drive


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Hello everybody,

where can I buy Floppy Drive cleaner disk ?

I still managed to find blank diskettes

but no luck with disk drive cleaner.

maybe someone please enlighten me

thank you

Try Sim Lim. This is ancient stuff. I still have one sitting around. But no disk drives to clean!
No, it's the disks themselves that get mouldy. Of course, you can keep them longer if you have silica gel, but eventually, you'll need to make copies of them. And it's getting hard to find floppy disks.
floppy disks are still available at certain shops at Funan centre.

after I read from the news that the industry is not going to
produce it anymore, I bought 10 boxes but may not last for long.

other ways to backup data is from SCSI and via computer software