sub thanks alot.. N what amp to buy now??


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Which amp to buy?? arh!!! budget ard 400-500.... anyone has a idea??

>> thanks SUBVERSION... my guitar now sound good.... thanks
that´s what happens when you pay a little more attention to your guitar, it´ll love you back...
hey no problem, my pleasure. come back if you wanna downgrade to a set of .095 like my PRS...

shop around for the amp that gives you what you wanna hear. that´s what happened when i went shopping for my amp- there were stiff competition from major brand names like Fender/ Marshall/ Laney but i ended up with my Peavey. you´ve heard my amp so you´ll agree that it gives me what i want- high gain for shred + reverb

IMO your Peavey Express is a wonderful combo to have at home, it´s a pity that your neighbours have bionic ears & find your guitar adventure repulsive... it´s OK, retribution will take place, you just have to wait...

give us some brand names & we´ll share whether it´s a sensible amp for your needs
yoz... thanks again... erm... er... i just sold off my express.... 200buck... my neighbour arh.....

what i´m looking for is at least 30 watt, 12" spk, tube also can ( but must save more ) LOL... so you guys out here got any good recommendation??

Hey guanming, sorry to intrude your post but I have a question for Sub. Sub, where do you buy your tubes?


Audiolab @ Burlington Square. it´s not a guitar shop, so you must already have what you wanna get in mind. the owner is not versed in guitar matters, but has a fantastic tube collection.

i got JJ/ Tesla tubes & Electro Harmonics (before i know edder distributes them) from this dealer.