String height and string guage


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Hi all, need a little info on these.

Is it true that raising the action/string hieght a little will result in remarkably better sound? Have heard good word that it really does. Why so? i know it compromises on playability though.

Also will using slightly heavier string result in thicker sound? But that means i've gotta adjust the action also right? like get the truss rod adjusted

Anyone with good knowledge/experience in this??? Thanks lot
I assume you are talking in the context of electric guitars.

I haven't heard that having a higher action gives a better sound, but it does let you bend higher on guitars with more rounded fingerboards, especially past the 12th fret, due to the string fretting out when the action is lower. Fretting out is when your string touches another fret while you are bending and your string mutes or buzzes.

Using a thicker gauge will give you a thicker chunkier sound, yes. Adjusting the truss rod depends on what gauge you are change to. If you change to a gauge that is far off from your guitar's stock gauge (like .052 to .012) you may have to adjust the truss rod because the strings are of higher tension and will make your neck bow. Action is preference. You will have to adjust your intonation when you change string gauges and when you adjust your string height. Intonation is the distance from the nut of your guitar (at the headstock, aka fret 0) to the bridge. It affects the tuning of the notes you fret. As a rough guide, when you fret your guitar at the 12th fret it should have about the same tuning as when you play a harmonic over the 12th fret, or when you play the open string, but it will be an octave lower. The intonation can be checked at various other frets as well, if I'm not mistaken at the 5th and 7th fret. You have to find a balance between these few frets.

If all these is too much for you, you can bring your guitar to your nearest friendly luthier, they will set up your guitar for you, for a price of course. It isn't too expensive though.
From what i understand, for acoutics, raising the action does improves the volume. The strings vibrate more freely with higher action. Less rattle and buzz, too.. and a little more sustain...

For electrics, on the other hand, the strings will be further from the pickups, so the increase in volume less noticeable, unless you also raise the pickups.

And yup, you'll probably need to adjust the truss rod to compensate for higher tension when switching to heavier gauges. As for thicker sound? Acoustics, yes, but for electric, the pickups will have a more significant impact on the tone than string gauges.

Just meh 2 cents. Cheers!
thanks guys, i was referring to acoustic guitars. is it just volume? or does the sound actually become deeper and mellower? i think that's what i'm observing.
Iccc...Aniways this brings up my problem also..I'm using C# tuning and im using 11-49 fender super bullets. My string tension is really loose as im a really hard and aggressive player.. :)
I tend to strum and pick my notes hard.

I'm gonna change to 12-52's. Truss rod adjustment, string action adjustment and intonation.. Not that hard though actually. Any Luthiers you guys can recommend that can do it? Not too expensive that is. :D

Well, maybe the adjustments can be discussed here on howabouts to get it done?? :p
you can try kevin or kai chin at guitar connection B1 peninsula plaza near davis. He's really good. just my 2cents