Stores that sell bass.


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Hi everyone,
I would like to ask other than Swee Lee, are there other places to buy a bass? Namely for Fender, Epiphany and Sterling.

I was at Swee Lee, Star Vista the other day, and I wanted to get a Bass from Fender, however I found out that they do not keep new stock.
I asked the person at the store and he said all they have are the display pieces.
I asked him if I could place an order to have one brought in from the warehouse and he said they would only transfer from the other stores.

What my concerns are, the display pieces are not in brand new condition, 1 bass I saw has some minors scratches and there were already oxidation on the metal parts, (which could not be removed).
Some even have very small dents in them.

I am sure that they still play ok and all, but I mean having to come with such amount of money, I would like to have a brand new piece at least.

Do share with me the stores season members or bassist would visit please.

Many thanks.
if you want a Fender from Swee Lee, can visit their flagship at Bras Basah Complex or warehouse at Sims Ave... as for other shops, there are random shops around Bras Basah Complex and Peninsula Plaza selling Fenders...
Unfortunately, only swee lee is the official retailer for fender basses. Experience varies with them but as with big music stores, customer service is often not up to par. Can check out ebenex or other smaller guitar shops.