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Hey guys! Haven't posted in a looong time. Anyway, I'm a guitarist and recently this funny idea popped into my head... I'm going to try out playing the bass. So... what is a good starting bass guitar? My budget is $200+ for a bass guitar alone. I have read the other threads and everyone seems to be recommending the Samick bass. Any other decent basses that suits my budget? Also, how about amps. I know nothing about bass amps :lol:

Thanks in advance! :D
the Samick Fairlane is a decent bass to start with. it plays well, sounds good & for $250, it's definitely bang for the $$$.

yeah, i'm a guitar player who plays bass at times...
i'm finding out more abt bass too.. wanna get 1 & play at home.. i'm looking out to get a cheap 2nd hand bass.. i'm more concerned abt the amp.. some 1 care to share more light on it? thanks.. :)
how abt sx basses? and the packages davis brought in.. saw from their web 250 n under for bass n amp..
i would rather you take the craftmans one a while ago city music was having a pacakge too around the same price range.imo that would be a better choice then the sx. :p
yamaha best? i think there is about 300+ lol.. it abit over ur budget. but it better.. sound better.. the wood is better too.. :)
i've got a squire p-bass... it's really good... got it for 500 bucks, or rather i paid part of it. hmm... maybe it's out of the budget but do consider it...
i juz got back from davis.. got the samick bass package for 250.. paid 150, my sis paid the rest.. lolz..


ok here we go.. after searching the net abit.. i tink the model is a samick SAB31.. oh ya the package came with a sx amp too.. gig bag which has no padding, strap & pick.. :?

lucky i bot a thick planetwaves strap for my warlock last time.. :)
oh yeah, i used to have the sammick SAB-31. it was my very first bass and it was really cheap and it rocked. but then i sold it and bought a second hand fender jazz bass. the SAB-31 is really a good idea.
juz the bass i tink it's $185.. not sure if it comes with bag n strap though.. i can sell u the 1 they give me cheap, cuz i bought another.. hahah.. :lol:

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