Springs not tight enough for gauge 10.?


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Hello, I've just changed my string gauge for 9. to 10s. as i feel i need to feel more meat when i bend.

The thing is my guitar has floyd rose bridge, I've already tighten the springs all the way to pull on the bridge but its not enough to get the standard tunings...

i have the springs in this order \|/ .
Whats wrong? do i need to add more springs? i hate having the trem feeling tight though... I hope to retain 3 springs setup.

the exact gauge is 10. to 46.

Pls advice on what has to be done.
Thanks in advance!
You just need to adjust the springs until the trem is parallel with the body of the guitar. If you tighten the springs too much then the trem will be out of parallel and you won't be able to do the tuning at all. make sure that this is done first, tune the guitar and then readjust the springs as you need too.


the spring problem is very common for guitars equipped with floating trems. there are stiffer springs out there. either that or as the unknown mentioned, add more springs.
Hi guys,

I changed my old springs to the Raw Vintage springs a week ago on my G&L S-500, and there has been a noticeable improvement in sustain of the tone. Snake oil? Whatever it is, I like it! I just picked up another 2 sets of springs:

My Strat runs on 11-49s tuned in E standard, springs in a /|\ pattern and floats at about a step up. Retains the tuning pretty well.
haha no hard anf fast rule, steve vai puts his in / | \ configuration too. i think for the same amount of springs, that gives slightly more tension. lazy to work it out.. =P