Sound treatment for home studio

Cineplex seems to stick sponges together and paste them in a wooden board. It does work to some extent. That´s a lot of sponges
I think their server has been down real bad. Even now, I still cannot get through.

The company is called Sound Management & they carry Sonex Foam ( Only Charcoal grey ). They are located somewhere in Pioneer Rd.

Try again sometime or call Directly.

Contact Josephine at Tel: 6735 1006 ( better chance in the morning )

Hope that helps.

I guess this is a good time to tell everyone that TREKTECH is the appointed agent for SONEX acoustic treatment products in Singapore, we have ready stock of the valueline foam and pyramids and Sonexone now, need some? you can check out the different kinds of foam at our new store in Sim Lim Square, B1-36, opening mid july. :)
Unless you are calculating the response of your room, you need not get 'acoustic' foam. The same material can be gotten from packaging manufacturers, and there is one in Jurong/Ayer Rajah. Refrigeration company, .. I had them make pyramid profiles in 8 X 4 ' sheets 75mm thk, had 10 sheets made for about 350 SGD. Look up your industrial guide.

If you are calculating your room response, then you might want to get acoustic foam. Foam does not really alter room EQ as much as it kills reflections, - acoustic traps do more, and there are acoustic traps made of FOAM. But if you are looking to line your walls, packaging foam ( the kind you get in computer boxes) are all you need. They will kill refelctions.
I wana buy "acoustic foam/slabs/whatever treatment thingy"

But its not for the neighbours, mainly to deaden the room.
make it sound so dry you can hear ringing in your ears.

What do i go for ? Absorbers right? not diffusors.

Basically what the hell are diffusors for ?

But anyway. can anyone just pin point a single product that just simply does that?
acoustic foam

hi all,

anyone knows where exactly is the company ovid was referring to? packaging company in ayer rajah/jurong? can anyone help?