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btw...does anyone know where i can get Sound on Sound magazines.i think they are a kinda reliable magazine for sound engineers and sound engineer wannabes.i bought my first copy of it at a popular bookshop in Northpoint but when it came to the next month , they stopped selling it for whatever reasons.well , i got to know this sound engineer at this particular event a few months back and he told me that they sell them at Borders but when i got there , there were no sound on sound mags on the shelves.

its hard to find sound engineering magazines at ur typical bookshop in the mall nowadays and dat also includes computer music as well.
Borders have it. Together with Mix, Electronic Musician, Keyboard and all the guitar mag. Ask the friendly staff for assistance lah. If they say dont have, you can request them to order for you. I used to do that.
that was the exact section that i went and i only remember seeing drum mags,keyboard mags wif alicia key's face on it,guitar mag and a bass mag...that's all... =)
call them up to check?

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i guess i'll check it out some other day when i'm free yea? thanks a lot dude and btw..u seem to be like 24 hours online everyday.u not working or smth? lol =)
Times The Bookshop also carry this.
If not, you can always subscribe to the electronic version and read the contents even before the printed copy arrives here.
well but that requires u to own a credit card right? lolx...i'm a kid...there ain't no credit cards that' gonna suit me =)
hey all; i found the cheapest ever sound on sound and computer musician mags in singapore! go to 5th floor bras basah complex. go to basheer art books. its on display at the shelf outside. enjoy! think going for only $12...? or less. cheers
plus they always have stock...haha...back issues also..