Some help with pots please?


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Hey there..

im in sorta a dillema. Well firstly im in need of putting controls of 2 of my pots into one pot to make room for another pot.

I know there are a few ways of doing this. Stacked concentric pots right? Does anyone know were i can get them? Davis is all out n GC doesnt order them anymore.

The guy at davis recommended that for what i wanted.. i need a push/pull pot.. he said stacked concentric pots are for pickup switching.. i dont really know about this. Help please?

Well heecommended a push-pull pot.. n said it would take complicated wiring to get it to do waht i wanted it to do.. when 'pushed' the potentiometer would cntrl the volume n when 'pulled' the potentiometer would cntrl the tone. This if possible would require some soldering of the switch lugs to the potentiometer lugs m i right? i havent been able to find a wiring diagram for this.. giving me reason to doubt this even works.. thoughts?
I would advise against what the guy at Davis said. Its a ridiculous idea.

One, when you are at say, Volume, the Tone would be max. When at Tone, your volume will be maxed. So you are back at square 1. You cannot control the vol/tone independantly.

It would not work.

Get a stacked concentric pot. Its just 2 pots in 1. Just make sure you have enough space (height and width) in your control cavity. And on the top of the guitar, make sure if you got a trem, that your trem arm can go pass the height of the concentric pup OR you wouldn't mind it being in the way.

Order overseas if they don't have. Stewmac comes to mind. too... cheaper i believe.

What is it you want to do?
ah thanks shred =) i'll take all of tt into consideration
i think he just wanted to sell his pot lah. Looked new to be.. a young chinese guy with specs.. not the tech man

cos my axe now has 3 cntrls.. 2 volume n a master tone.. i want to install another pot without comprimising the current controls to accomodate for the drive/intensity cntrl of a sustainer kit.

The plan is 1 push pull for volume of neck pup n on off for the sustainer, 1 stacked pot for master tone n volume for bridge n the last for intensity.. cos the intensity pot has to be a 100k one.

What do you think?
I don't see why you need 2 volumes. ;) Consider carefully... perhaps 1 vol and 1 tone will suffice.

Then have the tone pot be a push pull to activate the sustainer. And have the intensity control in the extra pot hole.

I would recommend using a mini toggle switch for turning on the sustainer though... faster and more convinient.

How come you have only 1 on/off switch and 1 intensity control for your sustainiac?

Anywya, if you want to go ahead with your idea, its weird to have the concentric have vol/tone ... why not vol/vol? and a master tone pot?
hmm okay. Some of the originals tt my band does involves switching from one pickup at max to e other at min giving ..a panning effect.. well the kit hasent arrived yet so i still have time to plan..

oh yeah theres the harmonic cntrl switch too which is gunna be in the form of a 3 way toggle switch.

sighz.. yeah okay. thank you for the advice shredcow =) not just on this but with all my hopeless qns n requests :)
You should wait for the kit to arrive first. The circuit might not fit into your cavity, and if you are going to reroute stuff, it may give you some insight into how you want your controls to be too.