some guidance?


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need some recommendations on what type of guitars to get , got a interest for it recently but i still dont quite understand it yet , i will basically play anything other than death metal type songs . im basically really new to it and is still starting on the basics , probably wont buy it so soon till i learn more details about the chords and other stuff but knowing what would suit the me better would be ideal for future purposes
haha death metal is fine.. as long as the vocalist remains silent! =D

haha well thats true , well i would still need a recommendation for which types of guitars to get though , will probably learn all the basic by myself , either through the internet or a friend
firstly you have to see if you are really interested, because once you start to gas.... cannot afford girlfriend already.

and help us to help you by telling us your budget to begin geetaring
well yeah im pretty interested in starting it up , have something around $500 to start with , probably gonna start with something easy and move up
hm... well let me change my question a little , is Breedlove Retro Series OM/ER Acoustic Guitar a good acoustic guitar for starters ? dont care about the price anymore -.- since i quite like the sound it plays out , probably will play roughly anything i get my hands on just wanna see how people feel about this guitar? by the way anyone see anyplace selling this cant seem to find it other than on websites . and oh how does this eletric guitar look like ? Fender STD RW AWT HSS will probably buy this once i feel more comfortable with playing a acoustic guitar