Elementary Ukulele Course (Physical Class)

It's not "just another" ukulele class when you'll get the chord chart, it's a class where you'll learn to understand the music concept and the system behind ukulele playing & be trained to find the chords by hearing. Here's some snippet from our fun classroom :

What makes ukulele playing fun is the combination of the artistic & the engineering sides of it.
Our class is designed to reveal the logic behind music concept and fingerboard system, as well to train the participants in feeling the music.

Here's some snippet from our classroom at Bishan Community Club last time when the class played a classic Hawaiian song Aloha Oe by Queen Lili'uokalani :

Here's what they said about why our course is different from the norm :

We'll have a fun & rewarding upcoming elementary course (physical class) starting this Sunday. Click here for the details : https://www.onepa.gov.sg/courses/ukulele-adult-elementary-c026941292
Seats are limited (2/3 already filled), register yourself now