Soft Forum Can Separate


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can we have a different forum section for kopitam forum into 2 different sections??
1) music related
2) non-music related

as i find it a hassle to scroll to see so much unrelated non music stuff...

just a suggestions... anybody agree can support this?? 8)
Kopitiam states "anything under the sun" so it should b abt anything under the sun. Music related topics should go to their respective places rather than kopitiam. Or mayb there should b one big music lounge beside the kopitiam.
two categorys

oohhh nothing......

I wasnt aware there was a feedback site, I though it was some dude rattling off again if u read my previous post. heehee paiseh
Yeah, with people posting things about humbuckers in the kopitiam section when there's a guitar forum. Clever? Or no? :roll:
I don't quite think it's such a good idea. More work for James to handle. He's already got so much to take care off as it is..
The only solution, is for the users themselves, to be mroe responsible and concious of where and how they post, I don't see much problems with the current format, it's more of a problem as to how they use it.
we should try to post things that are related to music making. non music related stuff should be limited. :wink:
if wanna seperate, moderators will be required to lighten ur load james. I m for the seperation.
if anything, i think there are already too many.

take the 'sound engineering' section for example. as perceptually convinient it may seem to have 3 diffrent sections, ie; 'live', 'studio' and 'gear-sound', and as different as these topics are, most of em dont get posted in much. how many of us are there, who are into engineering, that warrants a further subdivision? you can see the usual suspects in these sections, ppl like fiberdrive, iansoh, teraslasch, iowjk, & seekz. weather live, studio or gear, i think this could all fall into one thread.

i guess this could also apply to 'computer and software'. most of the post in there usually relate to setting up of gear or questions regarding audio software, which i guess would fall into engineering.

i think having one 'engineering' section as opposed to 3, (or 6 if you wanna include the computer thread) would make the forum a little bit more manageable for both the posters and moderators.

just my $0.02.