so i'll ask: anyone going to or was from SAE?


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i'll be going to SAE come july. i've heard some gd things from some alumni but it seems everyone has different things to say.

anyone attended SAE? come out & tell me your story! i'm really interested in knowing exactly how SAE is. i want details! heh.

anyone IN SAE now? ;)
just graduated from SAE.. the lecturers are the bestttt :D im was in audio engineering class 0304x1...
wah dhalif you just grad from there ah? steady. i can ask for your guidance when in doubt then...coz i might be enrolling in the aug intake.

dont start comparing.. both have pros n cons... just from that my experience that SAE is a fun environment to learn in. Overnight recording sessions are the best ha ha ha
it seems that la-selle is cheaper? .. theres government subsidies for la-selle but not SAE .. hmm?..can u explain and tell me more abt ur experience in SAE?.. like how u get in? etc..
hey sorry bout that.. i only had like 3 credits? on my Os(hurhur) so.. i did this mini exam they gave me.. and i passed.. so i got in..

overnight sessions.. u gotta book for overnightsessions like a week or few days before the actual session.. and it will last from 9pm until 9am next morning..
i hear alot abt having to record bands... is this the final project or something u've to do all the time? also i heard from the student services woman (murni) that we have to produce a dunno how many track album. any details on that?

will we be required to perform particular tasks? must i be the recording/mastering engineer for the entire thing or will i have a partner? & can i participate in the music-making, i.e. sing or play instruments?
you can do everything on your own.. that includes song-writing process(theres music theory classes as well)..

for your 2nd project in audio engineering course you will be given an amount of time to complete a full recording with an analog studio(not really analog hurhur) but u will not be using any softwares to edit.. its all hardisk recorder.. u can either record a band or record yourself or whoever... just get the recording done.. theres no limit to how many songs ur recording as well..
and then you will have your midi project.. i did midi basslines, drums, keys.. and recorded live guitars.. and lots of other projects.. its fun.

for the partner thing.. usually you will be grouped into 3 per group(no more) u can also do it solo if you like.. err yeah thats bout it..

and yeah again... you can play or sing in any recording you do.. provided u have a partner to mend the console..

tera: la salle is around 9 - 10k yes? its the same..
thanks dhalif!

one more question: hows the music theory class like? does it go into detail? where do they actually stop at teaching?
the music theory is just the most basic of the basic.

anyway whether the course is a waste of money or a useful one is entirely up to you. You need to be on the ball on your own.