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I was wondering whether smarvo amps are really good quality amps?

Especially those halfstacks and high wattage amps?

Can anyone care to enlighten me about these amps?
ha ha now if you only would come to my place then..... i've asked you so many times but you simly won't come :roll:
sure, as long as each and every single one of you dun mind the small place and hot environment :? i'm actually stacking up my place with stuff

as of now i have a cheap self assembled guitar called the cheapass custom
a RG7620, a RG 350ex bk, a cheap 10 w laney, 2 pcs (which serves as amps) a zoom 505II and some pirated copies of cpu multi efx he he, enuff for 3 to 4 guitarists to jam liao
iono abt the other models, but i got myself a 100W 2x12" one, w/o the digital effects.

1. its clean channel is fantastic, u really gotta hear it to believe. i play my MIJ stock tele thru the thing and it sounds pretty good.

2. its overdrive channel is not that fantastic though. it features 2 gain "channels" gain 1 being nicer imho, its less harsh and "smoother", gain 2 is as mentioned earlier, harsher, maybe one could use it for metal work or something.

3. at that price, 100w, 2x12", its a steal. most brands would net u only 30s or so at that price? (expensive brands like fenders and stuff, that is.)

4. it has 2 foot switch jacks, one activates the channel + gain number, but that only works if u're using a stereo switch, not a mono switch. if mono switch, the amp simply swaps between clean and gain2.

5. it has a headphones jack, 4 jacks for external speakers (what are these for? monitor speakers maybe?).

6. it comes with reverb and chorus. the chorus sounds really nice.

7. go test it out, u need to hear to believe it. in any case, mikemann was very helpful, met me and dad at 9 to let us test the amp, and carted it to the car for us too :D
U can try the smarvos at Ranking sports, don think they have the stacks though...but i think mikemann has the stacks.. As mentioned the cleans is wonderful, the drive cannot make it..its value for money though
I think when you couple their clean sound with good analogue distortions like those from Sansamp, it's gonna be an awesome combi.
heh. i keep the knob below the first mark, ie between 6oclock and 7. anything above and the thing goes boom :D its sounds pretty good thru amp clean with reverb at 1oclock, chorus both knobs at 1.30, and boss odb3 and the tele :twisted:
I don't think they hate me for playing the guitar. But i'm definitely sure they hate me for playing the drums :lol: