New member we're talking local, for real. coming out on the 1st of FEB

Hello people who support the local scene. The local scene friendster account, which is now known as Skreenprint, presents to you our website, the website would give u:

-the latest local gig updates
-local gig reviews
-cd reviews
-articles and also
-artist of the month- where you can learn more about your favourite bands, read our interview with them and you might even win some cool merch.

In time to come, we might even open up a merch section so that you guys could buy local band merch like shirts and cds and whatnot, and also apparels from your local clothing labels!

website is officially open on the 1st of feb, which is NEXT WEDNESDAY! look out for it!!

your friendly neighbourhood skreenprint crew
the domain isn't even registered... ;) what happens if someone snaps it up before you do?

What would be more busted would be buying the domain and then selling at a higher price.