Singapore Bands: READ THIS.


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Being in a band in a country as as Singapore, it gives me a lot more reason to about what I hate about SOME Singaporean bands and their egocore-ness. By , I would refer to the mass media support with regards to the local scene.

Recently an indie organizer approached me and asked if my band was interested to play. A new indie organizer have limited contacts and probably no capital to start with thus I offered my assistance to call up other bands.

What infuriates me is that, some of these bands, were asking if they will be paid for the gig and when I told them they will not be paid, they back out or immediately seek some terms.

Look. It's a independent organizer. An individual whose aims is to support the local scene and give exposure to bands who have not yet gotten any.

How do you expect support from the local scene if you yourself, as the band doesn't give any support?

By being independent, that would mean you have to cover the expenses of venue and equipment rent. Putting a price on the ticket charge would help but having bands who asked for a monetary contribution just up the whole process.

Yes I agree that bands should be given some contribution but please have some empathy. If the Esplanade called you guys up then yes you can ask for payment because being a corporate company, I'm sure they could throw in some couple of hundreds buckaroonies.

Besides, the sentence here isn't "we want you guys to play" but rather "we are giving a chance for you guys to play".

You bands complain about not having enough gigs for exposure or not having enough support from the local scene and that each gig usually features the same old bands or bands that you've never heard of.

You wanna know why ? Cos these same old bands and also new bands play not for money, but for exposure and basically having a good time.

Your band, yes your up band play for monetary contribution.

Yeah yeah, your band whine about not getting enough gigs. When the opportunity to perform is presented right in front of your face, you ask for terms. Is that how the way it should go?

Let this be a message to all the Singaporean bands.

When given a chance to play, play it. Don't be an egoistical asswipe with rock star attitude, especially if you are being called by an independent organizer. If some corporate company called you guys up, then its up to you if you wanna ask for cash to cover up your pathetic $16 an hour jamming expenses.

When you play music, play it sincerely. Play because you want to expose your music and give a new reason for the crowd to support you. Nothing beats the feeling of playing in front of an appreciative crowd.

Please note that the bands i'm referring to would be bands that haven't really stand on their feet in terms of gigs and audience support. Unless your band has been around some time providing good music and has a strong fanbase, then its ethically correct to ask for payment.

But if you disagree with me, well to with your scene, to with your band and above all, to with you.
Quite true for certain parts you said, but this is too over board.... too many F*** in it.I think Mr SOFT will hv to lock this thread or something....

hopefully u can re-phrase most of yr words, you don't hv to use f*** to send the msg thru....
i believe each band has its own agenda; if they want to pass it up, they probably want to go in a different direction.

if i were to have my choice, i would prefer better equipment over monetary terms for a gig. money comes much later for most bands when they get famous. there's no point for a big band to perform w/o money as they would be devaluing themselves. This topic has been discussed long before by HeartRockSingapore too.

End of the day, it depends on each band and each case. If you have explained to them and they act snobbish - not just merely declining politely, blacklist them if you want.
Whats the problem

I dont see a problem if they wanna be corporate whores.... let them and sooner or later, they will play for free. Maybe they just wanna have the "high" of being paid to play. I remembered my first pay check. Hiya it will pass lah... dont get so worked up lah. If they ask for payment, say yeah lah will pay you peanuts.... and we all know what that means.
Singapore is not a screwed country, i think you should not pass judgemental remarks like that. Why the anger? What's up with you? Not happy, go find other bands la. You sound like as if EVERY band in Singapore are screwed up money junkies. Besides, what's wrong in asking to get paid? Oh well.. get your attitude right first before you lash out at my country and it's bands.
By screwed, I meant in terms of the mass media support for the local scene.

Unfortunately the bands I'm referring to would be bands that have not covered much gigs much less any exposure. And for them to have the audacity to ask for payment for any gig that gave a chance for them to play is absurd considering the fact that they haven't really stand on their feet by playing much gigs or building up audience support.

Maybe unless a band that's been around for quite some time and has provided very tight, good music and especially has build up a strong fan base, then to ask the organizer to pay them would be ethically correct.
so its ok for bands that have enough exposure and experience to pass up on gigs that do not pay?

i guess diff bands have diff agendas..... but i agree that bands should grab any opportunity that comes their way for exposure and experience.....

but azlyjackass, there is a more subtle and more 'beralas' way of getting your point across rather than just shooting here.....

I know why he is feeling mad, and I can understand his anger with his post.

I'm sure you'll feel angry (at least to a certain extent) if you were in his shoes.

I would be mad too if band asked for $$$ to perform in a gig, even though the gig organiser is trying his best to promote Singapore's music scene.

Of course, I don't agree with how he phrased his post with such intensive vulgarities (again, although it's understandable).

Cheer up, I'm sure some bands will be willing to perform in the gig your organising.
you should cool down with your anger .... we live in a free world (in the context of paying bands). You ask for bands to play, state them the terms and conditions, they like it they play, they dun like it they scram off .... no hard feelings ... just let ithem be. It's not up to anybody to judge whether they will make it or not ... maybe they have their ways ... maybe somewhere down the road they realise they are missing something. We never know ... just let them be ... DETTACH youself emotionally from this and you will feel better. :)

And i agree that such angry posts shouldn't be displayed because it lacks objectivity and induces negativism. Be easy on yourself, be easy on others.

And regarding your statement on Singapore as a ScrewUp country, even in terms of media ... i find it unjustifiable. Look at the big picture, Singapore doesn't have a deep historical background and to get to where we are it already pretty remarkable. Singapore Local Band scene is growing, we are just not in the hey-day period. And for the Local media to spend more $$$ on local band coverage, there must be a demand for it. It all boils down to dollars and cents and again it's not up to us to judge. We just have to be patient ... but check it out ... you are a pioneer if it really works out .. :)

Conclusion: Just get up stage, play and be happy. I remember someone from a famous band (can't remember) said this, "2 person is a crowd". And they played on ....
well , u don know shiat, musicians here are being underpaid for their efforts here, if the band doesn't want to play, so be it, you don't expect people to work for nothing. thats my point, its freakin cheapskate.. if they think it's not worth, then so be it, you shouldnt insult them
azlyjacaz said:
Besides, the sentence here isn't "we want you guys to play" but rather "we are giving a chance for you guys to play".

I just wonder how the tele conversation goes??? ring ring "hey brother, I am organizing a gig. Not that we want you guys to play but we call you to give you a chance to play.."
Tera, you dont get the point. -beeeeeep- please try again.

HeartRockSingapore, well intelligently, it's:

"hey brother, I am organizing a gig. Are you interested?"

Psst..."are you interested" and "we want you to play" are two different meaning...
teraslasch said:
well , u don know shiat, musicians here are being underpaid for their efforts here, if the band doesn't want to play, so be it, you don't expect people to work for nothing. thats my point, its freakin cheapskate..

I wonder why people here like to jump on the offensive? i might be blind to some things but you can relax on the "Ss" and "Fs" in your vocabulary. Jumping into emotional heights estatically are exactly the making of terrorists.

Then again ... Price is all about supply-Demand ... if there is no demand, why would there be raise in wages? You can't offer something to someone who doesn't want it. If you are prepared to be an artist ... you are prepared to be poor. If you can't survive, get a part time job.

"musicians here are being underpaid for their efforts here" You have specific Examples to back that up?
i know that wanting to be an arist in singapore means being ready to be poor, but it doesnt mean u make use of musicians here without paying. its just plain cheapskate in my opinion, everyone deserves something in return for what they dou, unless u volunteer to do it for free. And definetely musicians that are out of singapore earn more money because their music industry there is so much better here.
there really isnt anything wrong when a band asks if they're to be paid for performing at a gig. yes true, to cover up for the $16 jamming sessions that they're gonna have to go through numerous times to give a good show. however, i do agree that pulling out immidiately upon hearing that there isnt going to be any moolah in it, that's kinda sad for a band, cos you make music for the wrong reasons. just my 2 cents.

azlyjacaz, if all that you have said is entire true without exaggeration, I am 100% behind you (except for your flowery expressions). but personally I have come across alot of bands that will play for nothing.

So I don't know... Maybe you really called the wrong group of people? BTW how many bands were like that?

Furthermore, care to put in more details to what your gig is about? like location, date, purpose? It is possible these make up cause them to react to you the way they did.

I really find it difficult to believe that bands that are not establish would dare ask for pay in any kind of gig...